Gadgets For Sale

Cadiz Online Shop Officially Open

Gadgets For Sale

Gadgets For Sale

Wondering what the shop is all about? There is a “Shopping Link” on the main Navigation of This will take you to the Shopping page.

Items on the shopping page are scrutinized by the CC( Staff before they are advertised on that page. This is to make sure of the quality of the Ads for Sale, and to make sure that the buyer gets the item as advertised.

How Do I Buy Stuff on the Shopping Page?

UPDATE: The Shopping page is now outdated and have created a new Shopping, Buy and Sell partner site at

We wanted to make the shopping page automated for our buyers, but most new buyers on the internet are quite uneasy making orders without talking with an actual person. If you are not yet decided or have some questions regarding the item, just post it at the “Comment” area, the CC Staff and item owners will respond to your inquiries as soon as they can. Most of the time, they will also contact you via e-mail. If you are decided to purchase, there are instructions on the items page on how to contact the seller. Basically you use’s Contact Page. Or if you put in your correct e-mail address, facebook profile or mobile number, we will contact you directly how we can get the items to you.

I want to Sell my Items, how do I sell Stuff on

It’s simple, you take a nice photo of your items, use our contact page to send us the information of the item, location and other conditions. We will contact you to inspect your item, if it is not available locally, we will interview you about the items in question. As long as we get your details, and other pertinent information, we will post your items for sale.


We will only post items on the shopping page which we already scrutinized and the items are made sure available locally. We go through extra lengths to make sure your are not scammed on our site. Just make sure you contact us directly and not through third parties.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Contact Page.

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  2. Pamangkot lang sa nag comment nga ang mga Lopez kuno indi magdonate sang mga dalanon sang ila subdivision sa cuidad. Ano ang makuha sang mga Lopezes kon indi nila pag idonate ang mga dalan sa subd. kay indi man na nila mabaligya? Kada quarter, ang mga dalan ginabayran sang tag-iya sang subdivision sang linibo ka pesos. Kon madonate ina, wala na sila gastos sa tax kag pabor gani na sa ila kon batonon ka cuidad ang dalan.

    1. ang syudad wala may ma kwa e kay indi nila donate ,,damo man sila ya kwarta para ibayad sa tanan nila nga taxes……..weeeeeeeeeeeeeee suya ka ai

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