Cadiznon’s at Pilipinas Got Talent

DefaultlogoWe have two of our so-called dancesport performers in Cadiz joining PGT or popularly known as Pilipinas Got Talent.

The two pairs are exceptional, except that judges didn’t share my sentiments, or that they feel the pairs would be better off joining international DanceSports Competitions.

However I am sad for the first pair of FRANCIS ROSE ESPINOSA & JAN REY ENCARGUEZ who introduced themselves as coming from Bacolod City. Maybe they thought Bacolod was a more popular “known” place in Negros Occidental rather than saying Cadiz City and have the judges again confuse our city with Capiz. (Which often happens). Anyway, the pair performed well, was just odd that they didn’t get to be included on the next round same as the next pair of ANGELA GRINO & JOHNDEL VILLENA. This pair however is very PROUD to be Cadiznon’s since they mentioned our City on the show.

You can see their performance video by clicking “Continue Reading”…



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