seascape at cadiz

The Site Header Photo

seascape at cadiz

seascape at cadiz

Notice the beautiful seascape photo up top on our site? This was taken by Mr. Cesar Parroco who married one of the maidens of Cadiz. He is an avid photographer, and as you can see a very talented one.

I edited the photo a bit to show a Day and Night shift, made some exposure and details changes to make the image pop more. I hope this is okay for Mr. Parroco that I Post-Processed his photo to fit this site…

Check out his photos of Cadiz at his Cesar Parroco’s multiply gallery.

2 thoughts on “The Site Header Photo

  1. I’m so glad this site is once again up and running.

    You might as well include the Cadiznon blogspot ( ) on the credits as the original photo was published on that site. Although I just lifted the pictures from his Multiply account but I was given an explicit authority to use it for publication.

    1. Hi Alex,

      You can see a lot of credits are given to you on this site. As for the Header Image, It was actually made aware to me by Mr.Paroccos Nephew as he is a friend. Then I asked permission from Mr.Parocco to do some photoshop edits to exposure and width for use here. If you have some nice photos, we do regularly change headers every quarter, it is possible that you can point them to us for proper credit. Thank You!

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