Where to get Dried Fish in Cadiz


Where to get Dried Fish

Imagine the mummies of Egypt? The Uga (Dried Fish) is a result of Cadiznon’s trying to preserve their catch from the sea. Many businessmen from Cadiz got rich because of the humble fish caught in Cadiz. To preserve them for a much longer time, old Cadiznon’s tried to use the salt and sun to dry up and preserve the fish. In it’s later versions, it was already sold also in other preservation methods like “Fish Tocino” and Sardines.


Tourists Buy Dried Fish

A common “Pasalubong” when you go to Cadiz, you can get the “Uga” and other fish produce at where locals call as “Punta”, it is actually Punta Cabahug Street, Barangay Zone 6. You can just ask the Tricycle driver to drive you to “Punta” to get some “Uga” that’s how easy it is to get them. Just make sure you haggle for prices as there are plenty of stalls there selling the same or similar products.

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  1. Good day, Sir. Maari po, pahingi list of supplier ng dried fish from Cadiz?

    Padala po sa e-mail ko.

    Maraming salamat po.


  2. Hi, Good day…

    Maari bang humingi ng lists of suppliers ng dried fish? bibili po ako, regularly and in volume.

    Paki e-mail po lists.

    Maraming salamat po. Mabuhay.


  3. Hi,

    Im venturing into Dried Fish retail business for local and international distribution. Can you provide me a good wholesale suppliers and price list of all available dried fish in Cadiz?
    my email is zephprin08@gmail.com , contact number: 09999170692.


  4. Hello there!i am interested to know the prices of your various dried fish products.thank you for uour response.

  5. Hi! My husband and i were in Roxas City last week to get contacts of wholesaler of first class dried fish because we are interested to buying and selling . I hope you don’t mind if i request from you your quotation of prices of your bestseller dried fish and also your contact nos. Thank you and God bless!

  6. Please give me your contact number or email me details on how we can retail dried fish here in Bacolod. If I get the email or response, I will contact as soon as possible. Thank you!

  7. Pls. email me where to buy dried fish at a wholesale price.. I am planning to ope a dried fish business

  8. Hi! My mom needs a supplier of different kinds of dried fish…I hope you can help her….just send me a message through email…

  9. Hi…i’m from iloilo city… I’m interested to have a dried fish business.. can you provide a whole sale
    pricelist??and also name of the supplier so i can get in touch with them …thanks a lot here is my email ad
    hoping to hear from you soon…

  10. good day!

    Gusto ko sana mag negosyo nang mga dried fish (any kind) gusto ko sana malaman ang latest price nang isang(1) bakat.. para ma study ko at ilang kilo ang laman nang isang(1)bakat… thanks and im waiting for any reply.if u can give me good supplier its more ok.

    ‘sha’ from bacolod city

  11. Kindly send me list of dried fish, pusit, danggit wholesalers in Cadiz to my email address. For shipping
    to Manila. Many thanks in advance

  12. This one’s a helpful site. I finally found answers to my questions on to where can i find suppliers of uga in cadiz…please help me find one as i am planning to go there to buy dried fish in bulks…i really need it ASAP…as i am going there in a week…many thanks 😉

    1. Sorry for the delayed response, we already sent you an email. Please use our contact form next time to get immediate response. Thanks!

    1. hi,I’m from dumaguete, having a plan to have a dried fish business, wanna ask the latest price list of all kinds of dried fish..can you give me a good supplier…thank you….

  13. im interested to have a dried fish business here in southern part of Cebu….can you give names of some suppliers of dried fish? Thanks…

  14. Jenny, how can we email you if you didnt fill-up your email address on your comment? So instead just contact us or better yet just respond in this comment box.

    1. there are a lot of areas you can get it in, just try and go to either just over the hitalon bridge, or punta cabahug, or even in Villa Barbas and ask around. They can point you there as these are the areas where dried fish is available…

      1. gud day, can you give me an idea on how to buy a wholesale price?and please sent me my email so that i can easily go to the direct point there in cadiz.

      2. gud day, can you give me an idea on how to buy a wholesale price?and please sent me my email so that i can easily go to the direct point there in cadiz. here is my cell no.09068251089, please text me ASAP.

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