SM Savemore and Gaisano Rumors

I have heard a rumor from a reliable source, although I think it really will come into fruition since plans are already on the drawing board. The area between Zone 4, possibly the reclamation area, will be the location of two new buildings and establishments that will liven up Cadiz City as we move on with the new City Slogan “Bilis, Ugyon Cadiznon!” which was originally coined by the City Mayor Patrick Escalante simply as “Bilis Cadiz”

These businesses will namely be Gaisano Mall, and SM Savemore. However, some relocation and displacement will be implemented to squatters on the area to make way for these investors. The location was chosen due to the proximity it has with the new Cadiz City Port which is now in the early operation stages, currently only light boats that travel between Cadiz and Bantayan Islands is in place and fully operational.

This will be good news for mall rats and small businesses in Cadiz, we hope that the small businesses that already exist wont get affected by this development. Although this will probably be finished in the next three years.

Gaisano Mall Cadiz

Gaisano Mall Cadiz

The SM SaveMore Cadiz

The SM SaveMore Cadiz

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5 Responses to SM Savemore and Gaisano Rumors

  1. Jojo Ajero says:

    I don’t know how you guys did it BUT I did not make the comment posted here.

  2. jojo ajero says:

    No comments about them. Puregold has told me that they already have secured a site in CADIZ

  3. Orlan Fernandez says:

    It is Robinsons who is more inclined to put up their supemarket. SM says there is no critical mass to sustain its business yet.


  4. mai escalante says:

    its not sm save more its hypermart its bigger than savemore. thanks- mai escalante

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