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Cadiz Goes Social Media!

Although we have been using the Social Capabilities of the Web to entice our fellow Cadiznons here at long before they were known as Social Media, we have embraced it entirely. You will see countless groups, communities and endeavors that is all about Cadiz in these social media platforms.

See we have been using a Facebook box on the side of this site, we seldom update them inside FaceBook, but we do update this site whenever we can. So to fill and whet your appetite on all things Cadiz, I will compile a list of social groups and communities on this post. So do check this post regularly as it will grow pretty soon. If you administer one of this groups or communities about Cadiz, dont hesitate to give me a holler.

Cadiz Photographers Cluba community of photography enthusiast, currently growing in numbers so dont hesitate to jump in and join.

CadizMyCityMyHomea community that its main objective of is to form a dynamic group that urges Cadiznons to have that sense of belongingness and empowerment.

Cadiz City Information the official FB page of the City Information Office.

Create Rescuethe official FB page of the Create Rescue Team of Cadiz

more coming soon…