2 -Weeks After the STORM: Cadiznons Reconstructing.

We have a lull in making news in this site, as we are all busy running the BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group Missions. 2 Weeks After, our volunteers, members and yours truly got sick, mostly a combination of flu, muscle aches and stomach aches. This is the story of our Volunteers and what’s up now in Cadiz.

On The Cadiz City News

Power is back up on almost 80% of residences and establishments in the City Proper, water is steadily available, and common basic goods are back in supply. People are busy with reconstruction, and at this time, my plan of starting up a Cadiz Chamber of Commerce would have been great at controlling the prices. We expect the DTI and BIR to do an investigation on the shops in Cadiz soon, especially hardware, construction and even the Bamboo and Nipa shops in the City Public Market. This is because there is no stringent price control, and prices of building materials has increased by almost two folds.

There are rumors that DINAGSA, the City Fiesta of Cadiz on January will be postponed and a simple Mass would be given that day. Some argue it’s because the fund for Dinagsa has been used as a Calamity fund, and on the other side; it is simply because they mentioned it is not appropriate to hold a fiesta when the sadness of Typhoon Yolanda is still on the midst. A Form of sympathy perhaps to the other Cities? To Our City?

Personally, DINAGSA is all about celebrating and honoring the Patron Saint of Cadiz City which is the Sto. Niño de Cadiz. Celebrating the people, and thanks giving! We are giving thanks that we have been spared as Cadiznons, and only property damage and not lives were taken. I say, Let DINAGSA Happen!

On Our Volunteers and Heroes

We can’t argue that there are still heroes among us. Our Volunteers before we started the BANGON CADIZNON Task Force, has been storming the weather and going house-to-house to help in the rescue efforts. Not Only that, the CREATE-RESCUE Team has also been doing the same.

This is My Personal KUDOS To My Team, My Friends and My Family at BANGON CADIZNON!!!

After the Storm, these same people also volunteered their time in the relief efforts and here at BANGON CADIZNON. Then two weeks later, most of our volunteers got sick. Late Nights with no descent light, eating without seeing much what you put in your mouth, the smell of Gas Lamps burning, the perennial “Biro Sa Ilong” all contribute to what our Volunteers had to endure.

Wake up early to distribute goods, we don’t worry about the system, we worry about logistics. We are but a small young group, with 80% consisting of the 15 – 30’s age group and the rest are a little older. Most of them are also affected by the typhoon, they have foregone temporarily helping on fixing their own roofs, their own homes…

Lifting 50 Kilos of sacks daily, thousands of Goods, splinters when repacking and making decisions on their own on every turn. But I never Heard them Complain any one bit. All are still laughing, jolly as if it is our responsibility to do this for each and every Cadiznon.

You guys may be sick now, recovering, getting your strengths back, but your Souls are Healthy, full to the brim, may the Good Lord Bless you and your Family!

My Special Nanay Kap.

My Special Honor also to My Nanay Zenaida Po, the Barangay Captain of Zone 4, she died just recently and the stories of her even before Yolanda deserves a special space in the hearts of Cadiznons. For the Typhoon Relief efforts, she never failed to be on her post at the Barangay Hall, she had to face the multitude of survivors to give out relief goods dropped by donors, and to ensure each and every person of her barangay is taken care of. I will make the long story short, as there has been issues of this site being “Politically Motivated”.

Why We Are Not Politically Motivated

See our header, check our About Page, this is a Commercial Site, if by any chance having friends from the Government and Political Arena make us “Politically Motivated” then so be it. We have friends not only from that sector, we have friends from the basic laborer, blue-collared and the Youth, we are very Friendly Bunch here at CCcom. And if that was so, we would have been filtering the comments here on this site, but we do believe in Free Speech. The Lord God knows it is not about politics, the true presence of this site is to Serve our Fellow Cadiznons, here and Abroad. And for 10 Years, we have been doing so. How About You? What Have You Done Lately?

To All Our Donors, Supporters, and Even Likers, We Sincerely THANK YOU!!!

Our Mission Parting Shots for the 1st – 7th Missions of  1st Wave of Operations:


The Story of the Photo Above:

We Met this kid when we were about to wrap-up for the day, and as you know, to organize things and queues, we distribute tickets ahead of time after our Ocular inspections. There are many desperate people out there, who still want to trick Relief and Help Givers to ask for more help when they already received packs from our volunteers. This one was unique, we were about to leave and this Kid, with a sincere look in his eyes, said “Nong, Akon Bala Tatay Ga Libog To Ang Ulo Kay Wala Pa Kami kakaon pati sang mga utod ko, guina Kay-o ya to amon Balay, pero ang Nabilin namon nga Kwarta amo guin bakal ya… Te Wala Na Kami Inugbakal Kalan-on… Gutom Na Guid…” (Translated: Sir, My Dad is Frustrated, Because we Haven’t eaten even my Siblings, Our Dad is Fixing the House First, but the Only Money We Have, He bought for materials… So We Don’t have anything To Buy Food… We Are Very Hungry…). Later we verified the story, and we even learned that his “Tatay” (Dad) is in the Hospital.

This Goes to show, that when DONORS Do an Ocular Inspection of the Damages in Cadiz, as Soon as 3 Days, the People have already started rebuilding their homes, so you won’t see so much damage any more. Their Priority is Shelter for their Family, and we realize they don’t even have Food To Eat… This is why when you check Cadiz, It Looks Okay now After a Week, Yet People Are Still Hungry, Scouring Every Relief Station to get food for their Daily Needs… Shops are Open, but Money To Buy is a Scarcity. So Please Do Understand The Situation, be on the Field, Stay with Us for a Few Days and Help with The Effort, and you’ll see the TRUTH of why your Help is Very Much Appreciated!!! God Bless You All!!!

The BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group recently discovered that some Cadiznons fall on the boundaries of either Barangays and they are a bit confused as to which Barangay they should get their reliefs from. BANGON CADIZNON decided to just go to them instead, through the efforts of our Volunteers of PNU LHS/CTL.

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  1. Thanks for the Bangon Cadiznon group who did their part to reach out affected families of typhoon YOLANDA…. felt overwhelmed seeing volunteers sparing time in helping distributing the goods from the donors who are very supportive…. God bless to all donors and volunteers for BANGON CADIZNON…

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