3450 Plus Families Served by This Sites Donors


As you may know, we are a Non-Government website who has already a track record of 10-Years in the business of updating news and views for the people of Cadiz, Here and Abroad.

Did you know that this Site is the only news agency within Cadiz during the Typhoon Yolanda that is posting out news, updates and information including receiving our Readers Private Messages of Numbers of their Loved ones that we contacted for them so that their fears will be appeased? We are updating even as the Typhoon is in progress and we have been helping appease families from abroad to assure them their loved ones are safe. This in turn has lead to these same people to ask us to start the cause of BANGON CADIZNON for the purpose of serving our fellow Cadiznons!

The Cadiz Government has their own news outfit and series of sites that has only been steadily updating after the calamity to spread out and gather donors and help, so feel free to check them out too. We are posting this FYI as there are rumors of this site being a “Politically Motivated” outfit and that the likes on our Facebook Page is low which is to those who understand the difference between a facebook page and a facebook profile know, is not the basis of the Traffic we get on this site that is asking for updates from us. Oh and Finally, creating a Profile Page to represent your site would have more likes than Creating a Facebook Page which is the proper way to use Facebook. You cannot create a profile of an outfit if you are not a person.

We are posting this to let you know that we are here to fully serve our fellow Cadiznons even if we hear negative feedback about us!

On The Cadiz City News

Help is still pouring in in Cadiz, and recently the United Nations visited Cadiz to asses damages. That was Yesterday, December 2, 2013. Several other groups are still sending out relief efforts in Cadiz, but more so are reconstructions and rebuilding efforts.

We have also received news that The Government has been giving back Fishing Boats for the Small Fishermen of Cadiz to replace the Boats that got Totally Damaged when Yolanda hit the Coastal Barangays the Hardest.

In terms of utilities and other general operations in Cadiz like Banks, Restaurants and service sectors, they are all now operational and students are going back to school and the lives of the people are somewhat back to normal.

On to The Rumors and Hearsay

Long before the Survivors of Yolanda/Haiyan from Cadiz who were working in Tacloban returned back in Cadiz, some news agencies already sent out news that in-mates and prisoners from Tacloban, including the desperate towns folks has banded out to loot, rape and pillage towns in Tacloban. We are not there to confirm this but how it affects the towns in Negros has been troubling.

As you may have heard, even false news of Tsunami in Panay has caused hundreds to thousands of Families to evacuate which in turn was just some Sick Person Sending Out Fake Text Messages. Amid all these chaos, these people who have nothing productive to do, still manage to Trick their Fellow Filipinos into Panic and Paranoia.

In Sagay and Lakawon, people also panicked and banded together on their Evacuation areas because they heard of news and some youth claiming to see Pirates docking on the sea shore. The alleged people from Tacloban mentioned above who banded together who are said to be desperate are those same pirates that will be raiding their towns as they suspect. Panic set in on these Towns in Sagay and a few days later, the same story and Panic reached the Island of Lakawon. Our team at BANGON CADIZNON were stress debriefing the people on the Island of Lakawon as we were coincidentally there for our ISLAND MISSIONS the day after the rumor spread.


As of this writing, we have already performed our Wave 1, Mission 1 – 8 reaching more than 3000 Families in Cadiz which are personally and directly identified as the needy. We are still hard at raising funds and donors, and have created fund-raising shirts to help further with the cause of BANGON CADIZNON.

Just this December 1, 2013 we officially started our Wave 2, Mission 1 which we aptly titled as an “ISLAND MISSION” due to the fact that we will be visiting Lakawon Island more as a Gift-Giving. We know that other groups has already sent out help to Lakawon, but the usual packages cover 1 to 2 days of their needs, and our Packs are designed for the same goal. We calculated the time that these resources are depleting, and we will supplement them as Travelling to and from the Island is still a bit difficult for the people of that Island.

We will post stories and Photos of the Missions here later, so visit back from time to time. We now have officially reached 3450 Families and we plan to add more for Gods Glory and Grace!

Here is the Re-Post of our Thanks we posted on our Facebook Page:

Thanks for the cooperation of Team AIM GLOBAL, Team UPSILON PHI SIGMA 1935 INTERNATIONAL INC., Donors from PERMASTEELISAGARTNER QATAR, ANABEEB QATAR and HEDGEHUGS QATAR. Thanks also to the Volunteers Team FireCats Cadiz, Team GK Cadiz, Team CAFERIZZ and Finally Team Friends Of KING.


We give special thanks to Kap Dionisio Villaruz of Cadiz Viejo for accommodating us which was not easy considering we had close to 100 volunteers and they had to almost travel close to 10 Times to get us back and forth the port to the Island which accumulated to almost 4 hours of travel time for each trip.

We were planning to drop 300 Goods, and we Finished with 450 Goods all in all. There was an earlier Donor which was not part of the group who only covered 2/3 of the People of The Island of Lakawon and we had to cover the extra 1/3rd for them while also giving the Full Count of Lakawon their needed help. That is why we have doubled their Reliefs for that day. We also managed to drop a few hundreds more on Cadiz Viejo and we had to have a Special Operations after our Arrival on the port at 7PM for the Day Care Center Family. We arrived at the comforts of our homes at around 730 but of course Team BANGON CADIZNON had to debrief first so we stayed at the HQ for Dinner and debriefing.

There was some news of Pirates Coming to Lakawon which was pure hearsay, but the people there panicked and was stressed-out because of this. We had to assure them as we were the first team they could talk about the said news.

There will be a Second set of our Partners at BANGON CADIZNON Today, December 2 by the Philippine Normal University LHS/CTL Alumni that will be delivering School Supplies for the Kids of Lakawon. Let us pray for their Safe Trip and Successful Distribution as well!!!


BANGON CADIZNON Yolanda Relief Operations

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