BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group Mission Successful!


*Article Updated with Donors that we Forgot to Mention(Apologies, Lack of Sleep is the Culprit) and some Credit Name Corrections.

Madamo Guid nga Salamat means Thank You Very Much from the people of Cadiz. As you all know, This Site has decided to work with several organizations so that Help for Relief Operation for Victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in Cadiz City will go directly to the people without delay. Our Group is Called, BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group and here is our Donors Page.

We have started gathering donations since Wednesday Last week and Have now delivered to almost 2000 Families, Fully Saturating the Needs of at least 2 Barangays, Half of one Barangay where half of that Barangays Population already Received half from other organizations and we decided to supplement to fully cover those that were affected. We have 5 more Special Operations consisting of almost 50 Packs each to be Initiated these coming few days. Bulk Operations has ceased since our Resources are slowly depleting. Special Ops are Limited packs only delivered to Puroks with Small Density Population to saturate the needy of those areas.

We are Now Raising Funds for our Missions to Lakawon and Bantayan if Donations Permit and we can cover the 1600 Packs needed for both Islands. Special packs are also needed since Water is a scarcity on those areas.

On The Cadiz NEWS:

Power is Back Up on 30% of the City Proper and Commercial Districts and repairs are on-going quicker than expected only a week now when Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit Cadiz City. We appreciate VRESCO for doing such an exemplary job. People are still complaining why they don’t have power yet on their homes, but think about the earlier prediction of 1 to 2 Months now turns out to be 1 – 2 weeks for the City Area and a month for almost everywhere else.

Water is Back 100% in all areas reached by the Cadiz Water District, we commend them for having water back up and running only 2 days after the Typhoon although on and off at times, but the past 4 days it has been consistently providing Cadiznons with the needed water for bath, cleaning and at least bring back some normalcy to the daily lives of the people of Cadiz.

Relief Operations are still on-going and several organizations are still delivering good to All Locations, we however here at BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group give a special shout out to the people who organized with us and send their Donations for the several Missions we have the past 2-Days (details above). Namely:

  1. Team MERCI who also went to Sagay
  2. Team Trinity Christian School Elementary Badminton Team for the Special Operations for the Badminton Team of Cadiz and Family
  3. SK Federation
  4. The San Agustin College of Nursing who has also Special Packages for Children
  5. Philippine Normal University LHS Alumni Batch 98, 2000 and 2002
  6. Convention Baptist Bible College of Bacolod
  7. Google Ambassadors Through Miss Kate Orcena and her Family

And to the other Pledgers and Individual Donors we already thanked on our Facebook Page. We Thank You Guys!

Special Shout Out Given to our Donors from Overseas, PermasteelisaGartner Qatar Family and Anabeeb Qatar for your donations allowed us to make all the Relief Packs Equal and Mainly Provide Abundant Rice for the packs as well as feed our Volunteers for our Day and Night Operations. As you know, our Volunteers are from Cadiz and they themselves and their families are victims too!

At this time, we might have forgotten to Give Thanks to Some of You, but please do remind us on our Facebook page since we might get busy some times and your Donations Get to us without someone asking for your Donor Names for our Credits and Accounting. So Thank You to All Donors who want to remain Anonymous also!

Enjoy a few Photos of Our Operations from Packing to Distribution, and some Funny Photos of our Volunteers:

(More Photos Currently Uploading and More Mission Photos Not Yet Collected…)

BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group Ocular Inspection Of Beneficiaries.

We conduct an Ocular check of Families Affected and we go through first to those who really Need it. This will insure that Help Gets First to Those Who Need it and then the Rest will go to Special Operations for the Contingencies.

Mission 1 Merci Team with BANGON CADIZNON: SOG 

We were worried that we cannot be able to raise 800 plus packs for Barangay Tinampaan specifically Narra since our initial inspection points to that area as our Priority. Luckily our partner Jordan Sun, President of Gawad Kalinga Cadiz Chapter has managed to get in connection with the MERCI Team where we then presented the area as their possible recipients and we are Relieved they agreed to work with us in this first Mission. Of Course, primarily Team MERCI was already ready, and all we had to do is make sure that we get the tickets to our targeted families. Thanks Team MERCI for agreeing to cover the 1st Mission. Before we went, Mr. Sun already coordinated with the DSWD for the operations. We will post more credits once we get a hold of more details of our Donors.

Special Operations 2: Trinity Christian School Elementary for Jaguar Badminton Scholars

Our Happy Volunteers on the way to the second area for distribution. This is in partnership with the Trinity Christian School Elementary Group for the Jaguar Badminton Academy Scholars and Family.

Emergency Repacking after Receiving Additional Donation

Since we received additional Donations in kind and those donations don’t have Rice in them, our Group Decided to supplement their packs in able for us to totally saturate the initial plan of only 600 packs to 800 packs! One of our Surprise Donors is the SK Federation, they have been preparing goods to supplement our missions.

Meeting With New Donors who will Supplement and Work With Us!

San Agustin College of Nursing, and the Google Ambassadors through Kate Orcena approached us to Support our Cause and Get More Goods to The Area we are Putting on Our Missions List. On the same day, we scheduled them with us to Saturate one Area together with their Help. We also received Special Packs from SK Federation and we had to do an Emergency Repack to equalize the packs given as there is no Rice on some of the Packs.

Afternoon Operations. With Google Ambassadors, PNU LHS and San Agustin College of Nursing. 

We gathered and have the Donors setup at the Local Chapel to Organize Procedures when Donating. Hopefully to cover more and even the San Agustin Team has some special packs for the Children which is Highly Appreciated. PNU LHS and Google Ambassadors even Added Filtered Water to the Packs!

3 thoughts on “BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group Mission Successful!

  1. To all the supporters thank you very much for helping Cadiz. I hope that all the relief will go to the needy, not through pamolitica system. there must be a transparency specially the cash donated by different individuals private and international. You know there are a lot of big crocodile in the city government too. So watch OUTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! Cadiznon.

    1. Thank you for your Concerns Mr. George, this is why BANGON CADIZNON was formed, their are clamors both from the Government and Private sectors regarding disclosing full transparency and Documentation of Help given to Cadiz and the Cadiznons. Here at BANGON CADIZNON, all our Donors and Sponsors receive up to date Documentation which includes stories, photos and other needed information before, during and after each mission. We do Ocular checks of each beneficiary and we make sure that they get the help directly. We also send over to the Private E-mails of our Donors the full accounting of the help being sent and all Donors receive the overall Accounting upon Request. I hope this process of our Team Leads us to more mission for the Benefit of the Cadiznons! God Bless!!!

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