Cadiz: No Power, More Problems!

While having our own premises fixed up and my wife’s store being completely wiped out, we needed to make sure that the shop employees are well-attended for as well as friends and relatives. We needed to drive around doing so and since that time, for a few days now driving through the rain and storming up areas where we can get the info needed, we still cannot cover the whole of Cadiz. Some roads are impassable, and some are outright unreachable at this time since we don’t want to add to the traffic of the relief and rescue efforts.

We have gathered several info from the CREATE-RESCUE personnel we met on the road, and we confirmed rumors at DSWD regarding said Casualties in Barangay Daga, and the news that the relocated people in Carmen where there houses were completely crushed down to the ground. At this time, there is still no reported casualties, although I heard from a friend from an area concerned in Daga that there was a person impaled by a bamboo pole, and one being hit by a flying tin roofing at the spine. At this time we will consider this as hearsay as no confirmation from either offices of local disaster and DSWD was given.

Although several news reached us of injuries, it is not impossible for that fact to be true as even yours truly is a bit injured as the only man around the house running the necessary precautions. However, we have also heard stories of bravery from local organizations such as the “Friends Of KING” actually storming the floods and carrying children and assisting the elderly to safety.

Even private individuals are doing their share, as the Governments effort cannot cover the whole of Cadiz that is in dire need of Help. EMCOR, since their primary employees are from Barangay Daga, the next day distributed relief goods not only to their employees but to the people of Barangay Daga. Manager of Cadiz Offices of Manolette, made their main branch in Cadiz as a temporary shelter for their employees. He allegedly drove through the storm to personally drive them from their homes to their Offices while the Typhoon is ongoing and he had to dodge falling trees and flying debris.

Mr. Diony Lopez, a known magnate in Cadiz owning the Cadiz Hotel, some businesses and several subdivisions here, has managed to send out Relief Goods in Caduhaan where people complained that the relief efforts of the Government didn’t reach them. The people of Caduhaan are very Thankful to Mr. Lopez for such effort and several Social Media posts has aired how thankful they are when families from overseas send out their thanks. I am not from the Government, but seeing the situation, they can only do so much as they are nearly prepared just enough and not for the scale that the Super Typhoon Yolanda has dropped on us.

We also observed AMITY doing some rescue and relief efforts here together with Cadiz’ own CREATE-RESCUE team through the efforts of Vice-Mayor Jongben Mirhan. Since their HQ is under-construction a few months back, they have converted the Cadiz City Library as their Headquarters and are managing logistics from that area.

Since power is a problem in Cadiz, and announced blackout that will last Cadiz 1-2 Months (meaning our Christmas will not be as Merry), VRESCO officials has still not managed to do a complete clearing of Cadiz due to the scale of damage. Although, some family members of VRESCO employees, especially those on the field, mentioned that we might have power back in 1-2 weeks. I am not sure if this is wishful thinking or giving some hope to their families, but personally I fear for the 1-2 Months time-frame as my work depends on power being restored.

Gas, as a commodity used in Lamps and Lighting has increased in demand and long queues are seen over Cadiz since it was only yesterday noon where Gas Stations restored their services. Hardware stores and Groceries have big business ahead of them as increase in demand has been observed. I feel though that in a few weeks time, there will be a shortage of food especially on the far-flung areas in Cadiz.

Since power is a problem, families cannot contact their loved ones since most have lost battery charge and Cellular access has just been restored but still a bit unreliable at times. In this light, we roamed around and tried to find out which are offers FREE CHARGING, since enterprising people has been asking for payment for charging.

Areas where FREE CHARGING is available as of the time of this writing is at:

  • Cadiz City Library
  • Globe Office In front of DrVFGMNHS
  • SM Hypermarket

Regarding News of Areas Concerned in Cadiz, Zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are well-managed but help is still needed. Extra effort given to Daga area and along that way. Tiglawigan and Banquerohan area also being put through extra effort as well as Barangay Tinampaan where allegedly most of the Power Lines and Posts where destroyed. Caduhaan is being managed, although efforts are a bit late, and most of the outer Barangays of Cadiz is being reached at this time. However, Evacuation areas are still full, but well-managed in terms of proper population density per area, although any help of relief and extra push are needed where food is the primary concern.

We will still continue to gather needed information, but most of the photos we collect will be posted in our previous post titled: CADIZ SAFE: The SuperTyphoon Yolanda Aftermath

19 thoughts on “Cadiz: No Power, More Problems!

  1. Subra naman 2 months 1week lang bala nag resume na ang power sa Zone 4,
    kag daw five days man lang ang brownout sa Cadiz heights ,Subra naman post nyu,,,wahahahahaha grabe Peace —–peace

    1. Please Check the Date of this News Post (November 9, 2013) and you just commented this December 13… Please check the updates regarding this news as we have updated this already. News sites always post up to the minute news and update the news every time pertinent info is given. OLD POSTS are therefore not a basis of the “Up To Date” news… Be Careful when commenting that you have checked the rest of the site. Thank You!

    2. Ay Sir Oscar, dire bala nga site ko nabalitaan ni sang November pag Bagyo about sa Cadiz, Tapos dire ko man nabalan nga 1 week later may suga na, abi basa basa man pag may time sang iban nga news, indi lang ang daan na nga news kag dayon comment nga wala ka check…

  2. Safe man ang cadiz wla kuryente mga kabataan naga akyat bahay ya amo na ang budlay da kay madakpan wla pulos ang dswd da sa cadiz

  3. Thank you so much. We would like to send donations in cash or in kind. This is thru the help of my husband’s company here in Qatar, PGQ (Permasteelisa Gartner Qatar). Kindly let us know where and how we could send help. Thanks!

        1. Thank You, we have also responded with the Details you asked. We apologize for the Spelling and Auto-Correct errors in our previous communication as we were on Mobile. Thank You!

          1. Thanks Chris,
            I read my first comment, I shoudn’t have said “his company” 🙂 PGQ is the company where my husband works. Nevertheless, I’m happy that his co workers ext
            ended help for Cadiz.
            God Bless you and your team.


    1. Caduhaan expect nga kun light materials or old ang houses nga may property damages guid. Although we have info na nga several private organizations and individuals nag relief efforts na didto sa Caduhaan…

        1. Hi, we have posted several News Article Updating you of the Power Status of Cadiz, Please Read the Articles completely for the updates.

  4. thank you very much for the updates. We have family in Barrio Pandanan that we still have not heard from and our house is in Barangay Daga in the Miramar II subdivision. Our nephew and his son were staying there to watch the house for us. We have had no word from him either.

    My high school class had just recently had a reunion and so I posted about this on the reunion web site. Several of them immediately wanted to start a fund. I directed them to the Salvation Army, the Catholic Relief Services, and Save the Children. If any of you know of even better places to send money, please post their name and web address.

    God watch over the survivors and bless the souls of the departed.

    1. This site has several affiliations that can help you get your help for Cadiz directly where its needed. A We will email you in a while I hope the contact info placed on your comment is correct. Thanks

  5. My sincere appreciation for your efforts in posting this latest updates of the situation in Brgy. Daga and Carmen – the places where I spent most of my childhood years. I long to see the smiling faces of the vibrant people of these places again as I plan to visit my family in Cadiz next year. I hope that Cadiznon spirit of resilience would inspired each one to make Cadiz “a place like no other” as we usually labeled it. Bangon Cadiznon!!!

  6. Please, Barangay Daga Captain and officials, check also those areas outside City proper that belong to your zone.NO ONE had accounted them with these davastations of Yolanda….it’s been two days…we want them to be accounted. … from Crossing Cadiz going south and north people never seen one of you to count them…..Do not just focus ion city limits…..calling you guys. thank you.

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