Cadiz Relief Operations: Still On-Going

Again, we always Update after the End of the Day for pertinent Information on this site, so we will still apologize for this gap in updates as there is still no Power in Cadiz and Stable Internet Connection.

Currently, Relief operations and Hotspot tracking is underway in Cadiz together with DSWD and the Private/Commercial Sector. Several Organizations have already spread out like Gawad Kalinga Cadiz with Gawad Kalinga Province Distributing Help in Tiglawigan and Banquerohan. They have gone first to Sagay and Escalante before reaching Cadiz. ABS-CBN Sagip Kamilya was first on the way, the day after the Typhoon and a few more from AMITY and Chinese Chamber and Several private individuals who have given help through the DSWD.

As far as this site is concerned, we have now teamed-up with a few Organizations to get your Help Directly to the people, as we observed that DSWD is swamped with requests and data-gathering that we would supplement them by having operations done while checking their Records as well as other Needed information.

Thank you to the Head Office of DSWD Cadiz, that they allowed us to post and share a Confidential Information that is available as of the time of this writing. Posted below is a snapshot of the Disaster Statistics in Cadiz as well as the First-Day Response of Help List. We will update this once we get new Information.

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On The Other News:

A few other private individuals has offered FREE CHARGING in Cadiz, like GAP Advertising located in front of the City Emergency Clinic, VAMDA Fishing in Punta and Few more houses and homes of private individuals. However, most of the people are still queuing at the GLOBE Station who has now provided Canopy Tents for those in the line.

We have also received data that Lakawon Island has only 2 Standing Houses from a sea of destroyed ones and according to last report, there are a total of 250 homes more or less totally damaged on the Island. Relief is being prepared for that area as of the time of this writing.

It was also publicly announced that there will be No Classes tomorrow for All Levels as Cadiz is Now in Public Storm Signal #1 as of this time and predicted to have Signal #3 once Again tomorrow, Wednesday, November 13, 2013 with the Typhoon Named Zoraida. Cadiz is on High Alert once again, we urge the public to be vigilant. *Latest Report indicates That Zoraida is now just a Low Pressure.

We already have informed Cadiznons from the earlier post about Looting and other Akyat-Bahay operations that we are re-emphasizing this fact to all Cadiznons as the Police are urging everyone to be vigilant of this fact.

We will update later with photos of relief Operations we have witnessed today, but please excuse us if not all areas in Cadiz was covered with the Photos, as we don’t have a full news crew to handle such a huge task.

Thank you for your appreciation of this site and Those that have called us to offer Help. Thank You and God Bless You All!!!

8 thoughts on “Cadiz Relief Operations: Still On-Going

  1. Is there a way that we can distribute our relief goods to those who are badly in need? We may want to course it through a barangay council inorder to have an orderly distribution. Can you provide us with a contact number of the person incharge with this, so that we can coordinate with him/her accordingly? We are planning to be in Cadiz this Sunday. Thanks.

    1. Actually that is our Mission, we have a page that explains the BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group at We study our area of concern and deliver the goods to those who will absolutely need it or those that haven’t received anything yet. If the number goods is lacking for the area concerned, we find other groups willing to cooperate and coordinate with us so that the Relief Goods will saturate the target population or barangays. Some expect a 50 pack good to be delivered door-to-door. On our Mission, we at least collect a minimum of 70% of the affected area as beneficiaries and recipients. We do of course coordinate with the Barangay where we go, we coordinate with their Barangay Health Workers as well. As for orderly distribution. Our Group already consists of Volunteers who have a system in place to easily manage distribution. On average we serve 400 Families in under 2 hours. Please visit our Facebook Page for updates of missions. We will post general updates on this site from time to time, as we also do News Releases for Donors Coursed through this site. Thank you!

      1. Apologies for the Slightly Delayed reply, we just got back from one of our Missions, and we are a little tired. Just got to login to check on Comments on our Site! Thank you for Bearing with Us!

  2. Im asking help from my friends to directly send their help to cadiz para derecho ma-distribute to those who are in need. Just checking to see where we can send the goods to. It’s so sad to read sang iban nga comments nga ka negative gid. Basi ma-discourage ang mga gusto magbulig.

    1. You can course your Goods through Us. You can Drop it to once of our Partner Establishments CAFERIZZ in front of Cadiz City Du Ek Sam. Please leave Donor information for accounting purposes please. Thanks!

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