CADIZ SAFE: The SuperTyphoon Yolanda Aftermath

*post updated with new photos on 0241AM @ 11/14/13
*post updated with new photos on 0941AM @ 11/10/13

We apologize in advanced for the late update as there is still no Power here in Cadiz City, Negros Occidental. We have been hit by SuperTyphoon Yolanda at around 1103AM, November 8, 2013, Friday. This typhoon is equivalent to a Category 5 Hurricane.

Property Damage as an early estimate is around 70% of properties in Cadiz. There are no Reported Casualties as of this time and we have observed that there are now a lot of Sold-out stores, even the Bamboo wholesaler has no stocks left.

Many trees as old as 80 years old are uprooted, and most of the damages to homes and houses are either by the direct impact of the wind, but some because of the Trees falling on these properties.

The main reason for the blackout is there are a lot of Power Posts that got broke and power lines that were cut. There is also a limited supply from Gasoline Suppliers as most are closed and damaged.

We also ask in advance to please post your comment if you need Credits to the Photos we have posted in this news release, as we gather random photos of Cadiz with the effect of Typhoon Yolanda, and since Internet Connection and Cellular service is On and Off as of this time, we don’t have time to meticulously trace the sources of the photos for credit. However, most of them are from my Friends and Colleagues, so Thanks To You in Advance!

There is still no power as of this time, and Water was restored at around 4 am today. Most establishments are closed and we have a hard time looking for “Carinderias” and places to get foods and supplies in. Thankfully some have opened their stores at around noon.

Cadiznons it seems are back to normal, however most are repairing damages, cutting trees and building new homes, especially the residences who were evacuated early Thursday. We predict some possible shortage in Food but Things are looking up.

And since this site is a personal and commercial endeavor to update everyone about Cadiz, we didn’t respond to information regarding rescue efforts by the Government, Supplies and whatnot, except for the information given to us by Friends and Known Reliable sources. So we apologize for the Private E-mails we received that we haven’t responded to. Rest assured that those concerned about their Families is that most have been evacuated and only Commercial and Private Property damages are reported and so far there are no Casualties.

We will post a timeline of events a little bit later once we have stable power, but at the mean time, we are sharing a few of the Photos in and around Cadiz with how Super Typhoon Yolanda has affected us. (We are adding photos every now and then, please check after clicking “Continue Reading”)


Photos from Cadiz, Credits Pending
(First Credit to Miss Janna Deldo)
(2nd Credit to CREATE-RESCUE Team of Cadiz)

The BombShelle or BombSite as popularly known. A Small Pub located beside the Gidor Compound in Front of the Dr.Vicente F. Gustilo Memorial National High School, just along the Main Highway.

SM Hypermarket, Store front. A Mall near the Cadiz City Public Market.


SEAOIL, a Local Gas Station in Front of The Cadiz City Park

Old Trees Uprooted at Philippine Normal University

The Cadiz City Park

Brgy. Tiglawigan, some of the Residences Near the Shoreline.


Frontage of Reyes Barbecue and Other Establishments



Electrical Repair Shop, Welders Shop, Coffee Shops Along the National Highway

Fishing Boats along the shoreline of Brgy. Tiglawigan.

Spirit of Bayanihan is still Alive in Cadiz!

Sa “Punta” as popularly Known.

Private Residential Houses, Exchanges Roofs!

Flooding in one of the Rural Subdivisions

PHOTO BREAK (NEWS FROM OTHER AGENCIES): Manila Bulletin: Yolanda was a Beast According to CNN

INSTAGRAM BREAK: From an Instagram of a CNN repost

Properties Somewhere in Cadiz



One of the Reasons Why Cadiz has no Power…

GLOBE Office, First to Offer FREE CHARGING


Some More from Barangay Zone 2, 3 and 4 as Requested by Some of Our Readers

17 thoughts on “CADIZ SAFE: The SuperTyphoon Yolanda Aftermath

  1. Thanks for the site. I just recently found your site and really appreciate the effort you have put into keeping us informed . I am in Australia but my wife and daughter are in San Ramon barangay Luna,
    fortunately our house is okay, only lost part of roof ( since repaired ) , however some of our neighbours have lost all of their house and belongings . We are running fundraisers at work for the people of our area, unfortunately their will never be enough , however funds will be distributed to the people in most need first. On my return to Cadiz in early Feb 2014 we hope to be able to bring funds to help rebuild houses in our area. Keep praying and God will be with us. There is always light at the end of the tunnel even if it is difficult to see at times.
    This adversity could be the opportunity for the Cadiz local government to clean up and make the rebuilt areas healthier and more lasting. This will take patience and cooperation from the people, however the outcome could be very beneficial to the City of Cadiz.

    1. Hi Collin,
      So Nice of you to choose Cadiz as your other home. Let us know how we can help you in 2014 even for Man-power as our Group at BANGON CADIZNON which was formed because of this site and it’s supporters that we are now reaching 3630 Families and Counting here in Cadiz. Do visit our Movement Details Page here: . Salamat!

    1. Please check our Posts from time to time, as barangays will be added as we collect. Once power is Stable we will Upload more photos, as it will take some time to post them all! Thank You!

  2. Im in australia now I call my mother in sat.nov.9 I cannot reach them then I found out in sunday that typoon came in all in visayas im very thank all my familys ok can u give me a picture of villa barbas zone2 thanks..

  3. Thanks to God there are no serious casualties in Cadiz. I am in Egypt and have several friends who have family in Cadiz. Thank you for making my heart a little easier about Cadiz, but my prayers go out for those in Tacloban City and Cebu.

    1. Thanks for Your Concern, we are glad we have still no Reported Casualties, but most of the People of Cadiz has nothing left other than their lives, especially those near the Sea and in the Mountains…

      1. It would be good to maintain this site long term. I know there have been Cadiz sites but did not last long. Maybe we can plan ahead this time, get some funding from the OFWs / balikbayan or additional admin volunteers as needed.

        Great job sa Cadiz News Team.

        1. I have been running This Site for Cadiz as a Private Citizen with a few Volunteers for almost 10 Years Now. We have been previously located at which is still our alternate address. Please check out Archives for our Oldest news. Some very Old Ones were purged when we change to a more Reliable Server. Thank You For The Support. If you know a group or Organization willing to help us, don’t hesitate to let us know. Some of our Volunteers are Students so your Support for this site will also benefit them… Thanks! For more Info please check our About Page Here:

  4. thank you for the updates… hope you can feature more photos/updates of those living in the barrios.
    I hope our LGU will strengthen its rescue disaster team and allocate enough budget for their training/seminar regarding responsiveness and plan of action in times like this and for the acquisition of rescue equipment/paraphernalia.

    1. worried tlga ako sa fmily ko..i hope mttapos n rin lahat ng eto…i know god always there for us,,,di nya tayo pbbyaan…go cdiznon…kya ntn to.,,,,

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