Cadiz Stands: The Good and The Bad of Disasters


This is not the time for putting blame, not a time to Procrastinate. We should do our share of helping each other, we are here at ground-zero, we are here actually witnessing the horror here, as in a TV Ad say, “In Live and Full Color, High-Def 3D”.

I personally witnessed Barangay Officials (some of them, as I can’t vouch for the decision making of others) storming the weather helping their respective constituents and responding. Some even left their own houses which were also destroyed to prioritize others. Remember, The WHOLE OF CADIZ WAS HIT, no exemption, rich or poor, Government or Commercial, everybody is affected, even me as I write updates for all, I have to prepare food for the people close to me, households who have no means. So if you don’t have something to say to lift the spirits or be constructive, then keep it to your self.

I can see some taking advantage of the situation, several cases of looting, even in front of the owner of a truck, somebody attempted to pull-out the batteries. Desperation? Maybe not, as most good-natured people who are even affected worse even managed to stay in-control and find other means to take care of their own affairs. Others are just simply taking advantage of the calamity. Especially when there is no light or power.

Some families even exaggerated their situation just to get help from others or even family members from abroad who in turn, made those families from abroad fear the worse. Yes, Cadiz is hugely affected, Yes we all Need Help, but please don’t take advantage of the goodwill of people.

There are even stories of people Collecting Donations from abroad, yet used the donation for personal gain. So sad to hear those stories, so I suggest if you want to help, and you want it to directly reach the people, I will offer this site to receive such Help. I will document each donation and take photos so I can post where your Help has Been given, you can even tell us where you want your help to go to.

Finally, there are lot of people giving their piece-of-mind on how to help Cadiznons, giving feedback on where it should be directed, what should be offered, yet as the old saying goes, “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”. Let us Help, Without Words, But With Compassion…


More FREE CHARGING zones have been opened, aside from SM, Cadiz City Library and Globe Office In front of Dr.VFGMNHS as we previously reported, some commercial and residential establishments have offered them also to fellow Cadiznons, like YUVIC Commercial, MIMI’s FastFood (limited slots and for it’s patrons), Evangelical Church of Cadiz and Cadiz City Roman Catholic Church. However some have limited times to offer, but most have been entrepreneurial and offer as fair as 10 pesos and as high as 30 pesos for charging.

Many relief efforts are on the way, the Organizations affiliated with this Site, is working together to find means of providing food for our fellow Cadiznons.

One Good News is that the City Proper might have power restored as soon as 1 to 2 weeks, this is according to linemen working on the field. I guess the 1 to 2 month estimate is for Total Power Restoration in the entirety of Cadiz. This is sort of Good News at least so Office and Commercial sectors will be back in business as usual.

The People of Cadiz near the City Center is back on it’s normal happy disposition, busy with reconstructions and building from the ground up. We have scoured the further flung barrios and there is a need for construction materials as most don’t want to leave their homes and just want to wait for Help that will go their way. Help is on the way, rest assured, there are many Commercial sectors making the necessary action to do so and help. We will have more information about these in the coming days.

Commercial and Private individuals are completing a complete disaster mapping for Cadiz and Relief Hotspots through Google Maps and whatnot. Barangay Personnel and Private individuals are also making a complete list of the people of each barangay needing help for easier Mapping and Listing when needed. These will also be Copy-Furnished to DSWD and other offices needing the list.

CCcom (this site) has also finished going to the ropes of going to and contacting the people that needs to be contacted by their families. We have done our part, please help us also coordinate with the other families if you have the means.

Thank You to Those who Offered Cadiznons Help through this site!!! Thank You and God Bless!!!

15 thoughts on “Cadiz Stands: The Good and The Bad of Disasters

  1. To all Cadiznon God bless you and guide you, have hope and Faith. To the government officials please don’t take the donation away from the needy, specially the cash donation. To all Cadiznon be aware of the big crocodile specially when times like this a lot of relief welfare and cash donation coming from different sponsors private or international. Maconciensya naman kayo puntang ina, anyway you don’t have consiensya kapal na bulsa nyo pati mukha nyo. Make sure there is a tranparency for this. COA open your eyes.

  2. Mayor ano ni mga kabataan naga akyat bahay sa cadiz city kag nagdala sang sulpak pati police nahadlok sa mga kabataan menor d edad kay bisan pitik d pwde kay ang dswd da wla funds para sa pakaon sa mga bata nga nadakop nagapangawat 10x 100x sila wla dyapon asta nana magdako sila ano ang action da wla gid wla na ang cadiz city tama kalayo… d kana kalagaw safe sa dalan kay mga bata my mga sulpak…. ano pictorial lang ta sa kada my nagakatabo da sa cadiz tuod na…….

  3. Solve na ang mga kawatanay da sa cadiz na mga bata ang dswd nyongaan nyo funds kay ang bata nagnakaw sa balay gin buyan nila kay wla pakaon ang dswd mahimo bala na nga buyan nila kay ang bata damo record nsa police kag sa ila nga record sang dswd ano nalang na? Kadto kada sa mabini st sa cadiz kay ang mga balay da bjmp na para d lang pagsakaan sang mga bata nga mga kawatan

  4. I am in England and my thoughts are with you all. Last Feb I was lucky enough to spend a night on Lacawon island with my sister in law who comes from Silay City. Can you give me any news of the island please. Kindest regards Penny

    1. All But Two Houses remain in Lakawon Island an estimated 250 Homes were damaged. We are moving efforts to that area as well… Thank you for your Concern.

      1. Thank you so much for replying. We feel an overwhelming sense of sadness and helplessness for you all. I will talk to my sister-in-law for ideas to help.

  5. Hi,

    My name is Sylvia, my friends and I are planning a relief operation this coming Saturday. We would like to coordinate with you or someone who can help us lead the way sa mga lugar nga ga need pa og tabang please. Can you please text me the details and if also what is needed para among mapangitaan og paagi nga madala. My number is 0917 882 9800, salamat kaayo!

    1. Good Day Sylvia,

      We have several Affiliated Partners and Organizations from the Commercial Sector Organizing to Help with the Relief Operations in Cadiz, please Contact us Directly at: 0939-8177-638. look for King as this is this sites Official Contact person for those requesting assistance or Give their help. Please Indicate in Your Call From This Website so we can easily Track All Contacts Officially. Thank you!

      1. thank you, I tried calling pero out of coverage, will try tomorrow again. Saturday mi abot mangadlawon mi diri sa Dumaguete, hoping we are able to give and give aid to those people in need. Unsay need mostly?

  6. You have a very touchy topic, Aye appreciate very much if you have included some pictures as you described the devastation, its impact much greater than the words you used to paint the situation. As we all knew pictures speak louder than words. Any way continue your work for Service to Fellow Human Beings is Service to God. NAMASKAR, I salute the Divinity within You with All my mind and with All my heart. God Bless to All of Us.

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