Pray For Cadiz SuperTyphoon Yolanda

SuperTyphoon Haiyan aka (Yolanda) Cadiz Update 3

Cadiz City has now been Elevated to Signal Number 3.

About Three Hours ago, we have been at Signal Number 2 and have just been recently elevated to Signal Number 3 by a recent update on the direction and intensity of the SuperTyphoon Yolanda.

On the Grounds, Coastal Residences have already evacuated to the desired locations through the efforts of their respective Barangays.

At around 7:04 PM to 8:00 PM a heavy downpour was experienced were the residents of Cadiz Fears the worst. However, it has calmed down now to drizzle, and occasional gusts of winds. However, it’s the calm before the storm that the people are fearing.

At this time, we are Urging Everyone to take extra effort and Pray, please urge your neighbors as well as your friends from other places as the Power of Prayer has always helped us get through these sorts of Calamity. God Bless and this will be our Last Update for Tonight.

Pray For Cadiz SuperTyphoon Yolanda

7 thoughts on “SuperTyphoon Haiyan aka (Yolanda) Cadiz Update 3

  1. Such a big help to give us an update what’s going on in Cadiz.Deeply sad about the devastation that the Cadiznon suffered and experienced.My prayer to felllow cadiznon and my family.God Bless us all

  2. Sending all my prayers to my fellow Cadiznon and family in Cadiz City. God is Good. He calms the storm and His mercy is abundant. Believed that He will not forsake us in time of needs. Amen.

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