Pray For Cadiz SuperTyphoon Yolanda

SuperTyphoon Haiyan aka (Yolanda) Cadiz Update 4

As of 5am today, Cadiz City is now at Signal Number 4. Full Evacuation is now ordered for all coastal residences including those near enough to the seas.

Reported waves as high as 6ft. has been observed, residents are asked to be extra careful during this time. Winds have now picked up and unrelenting rains and warning of severe flooding has been given.

Peak of high winds and typhoon is predicted to be at around 5pm this afternoon. Residents in non-concrete houses are also being asked to observe the conditions early and evacuate when necessary. At this time residents in much sturdier housing are asked to stay home.

Please Continue to pray for Cadiz!

Pray For Cadiz SuperTyphoon Yolanda

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