Supporters & Partners: Their Stories of Determination

As all of you may have noticed now, all our News in some way are mixed with the movement of the newly formed Group that Caters to the Needs of the Common Cadiznon, the BANGON CADIZNON Group. And as a multi-organizational group, we have a few of our supporters and donors who also coordinate with us, work with us and also are actually one of us. Our Group is not concerned with names, or who brought what and where, as long as those that are targeted by the group are those who need it most. We have a lot of missions that had happened, and a lot of stories of Miracles, Determination, Sympathy and Love. This one Story is specially forwarded to us by one of our Partners from Philippine Normal University LHS/CTL Alumni, through Miss Jabez Oberes.

The Story of a Fruitful Inconvenience

Someone once wrote that kindness, love and goodness to children are the only investments that never fail. It is on that same premise that the PNULHS/CTL alumni decided to touch the lives of the young school children in Lakawon Island.

On December 2, 2013, we headed to the island to distribute the school supplies we packed for the kids. Along with the school teachers, we loaded the boxes on the pump boat and proceeded to the island. The weather that day was not too friendly as the waves were bigger than what we were used to (at least for me). But thankfully, we made it to the island safe and more importantly, our boxes still dry.

Mr. Eric Geronga, the school principal, together with his team of 7 teachers was gracious enough to make sure that we will have a smooth operation. We distributed the supplies by class and were able to give 200 plastic envelopes with pencils, pens, notebooks, pad papers, crayons and an English dictionary. The kids also enjoyed a refreshment of cupcakes and juice.

Taking a short tour of the island, our hearts broke at the sight of the houses that were ravaged by the typhoon. Houses were down, walls were off, trees were stacked on top of each other that reminded me of the ‘pick-up-sticks’ that we used to play with as children. But somehow, the glow in the peoples ’eyes does not suggest desperation. Maybe they are used to typhoon aftermaths. Or maybe, they hold a hope that defies the curses of nature.

If I may, I would like to personally thank the teachers assigned in Lakawon Elementary School. They sacrifice convenience and comfort because of their commitment. To lift up the spirits of these children is no easy task. But, from what I saw, they welled-up with joy that it has become contagious. The teachers are happy and so, the children are the same. Kudos!

This experience is life changing not only to the recipients but more so for us. I conclude, there is more to giving than receiving. To those who sacrificed a meal, a shirt, a bus fare, a movie or even just a bottle of soft drink, thank you!

To Shobie Ledesma and PNULHS Batch 2002, St. Peter’s Hospital of Albany, NY., Jaja H. Ore and her friends, the students of CBBC,-  Your kindness has eternal value!

And, to Him from whom all blessings flow, this one if for You!

Jabez Oberes

A Christian and Teacher, Jabez is the President of Batch 98 of Philippine Normal University who has been spear-heading missions for the Philippine Normal University LHS/CTL Alumni. The Prime Coordinator and Main Partner for BANGON CADIZNON.

The Back Story

Our Partners at PNU LHS/CTL was supposed to go with the ISLANDS MISSION on December 1, 2013. However, they also suggested that it is best during school days and thus coordination was made for them to arrive the next day December 2, 2013. We have the advanced information forwarded to their Good Leader, Jabez and information regarding the trip. Special thanks to those who Accommodated the Second Group for December 2 and we hope to come back again soon!

Here are the Photos of Their Mission:



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