The Outpouring of Help: Cadiznons Thank You All So Much!

As you may have known, this site and the Organization formed from it named BANGON CADIZNON has been enticing all supporters to use the hashtags, #bangoncadiznon and #helpcadiz. Thus indirectly, you are helping on the mission of asking help for our fellow Cadiznons Benefit and thus the Outpouring of help for Cadiz.

In the Government front, there have been visits from the pledges of the United Nations, a Lot of Medical Missions from several medical and care societies. Programs from the Red Cross, and even a Visit from Miss Korina Sanchez, who’s advocacy for “Walang Batang Naka Paa sa Pilipinas” has reached the shores of Tiglawigan which is one of the hardest hit area in Cadiz.

In Behalf of all Cadiznons, we at this site and at BANGON CADIZNON, Thank You All So Much for your Help. We hope to have a Partner in our Rebuilding, as relief operations is more than enough already and the help has been so overwhelming.


We are still going out on missions everyday, thanks to our Donors and Supporters, and as Promised, we will always post our Documentary on this site and it’s accompanying stories.

To Recap; Our Wave 1 Missions 1 -8 has finished and for the Islands Mission Wave 2 Mission 1 was so successful that we are not going back once, but we are going back three times, this time to support the initial mission we have of Relief for the Residents, the Second Support of our Partners at PNU/PNC LHS CTL Alumni for the School Supplies of Kids, we will be going back again for the Partnership again of giving Chairs and Tables plus feeding for the Children still with the same partners at PNU/PNC LHS CTL Alumni in cooperation with us BANGON CADIZNON and with our new partner the iCARE for DAYCARE project of Miss Frances Gail Florida Inaldo. They have chosen to work with BANGON CADIZNON who has now through the Grace of God and the good hearts of our Donors and Supporters now has reached more than 3,733 Families in Cadiz (and some not in Cadiz but near Islands).

Wave Mission 2Thanks FIN

For our Wave 2 Mission 2 Missions, we revisited the Coastal Areas this time in cooperation with the Colegio de Sta Ana De Victorias and in part by the Parkland Filipino Association and an Anonymous Donor we have successfully completed the Wave 2 Mission 2 Coastal Recall. (Photo Gallery Attached Below).


The Parkland Filipino Association also has allowed us to move again for the Missions this Saturday this time, we are going to far flung areas to reach those who personally asked us to survey their area for ocular check, and now we have raised enough Support from Kind-Hearted individuals to actually go there and be of service to you!

We still have a lot of Missions in Place, and in advance ask for your support for our December 30th Partnership with the PNU/PNC LHS/CTL Alumni “Light up a Life” Gift-Giving program as well as our Proposed “Fun Run, Para Sa Kabataan” this coming January. All through our several Partnerships and Willing Hands.

All these we Cannot Do without Gods Grace… as All We Do is for the Greater Glory of God!!! Thank You Once Again!!!

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