48th Charter Day, Cadiz City Opening Parade

Today marks the 48th Charter Day of the City of Cadiz. An Opening parade was held with the Attendance of the Local Government Unit (LGU), Non-Government Organizations (NGO), Schools and Colleges from CHED, Dep-Ed and Private Schools and some Businesses and Associations in Cadiz.

The Philippine National Police, Cadiz City Fire and Create-Rescue Fire-Trucks opened the Parade with the Color Guards Represented by the Bangon Cadiznon Rescue Squad the 526 Aero Medical Reserve Squadron.

Followed primarily by the Sanguniang Panlungsod (SP), headed by Mayor Patrick Escalante and Vice-Mayor Samson Jongben Mirhan. We are also graced with the presence of Manila Vice-Mayor Isko Moreno who willingly stopped for the Cadiznons for some Quick Shots.

The End of the line is followed by Flora and Fauna Floats by the different participating offices. This is to jump-start the 48th Charter Day of the City of Cadiz.

Some of the SP Photos are posted below as Galleries. More Charter Day Photos will be posted separately.

Credits to Delight Creatives for the Photos

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