Going to Cadiz and RC Beach Resort for the Uninitiated

*This was specifically Created to Guide our Guests for the Club K, DINAGSA FESTIVAL Event. So please be guided Accordingly.

First you need to know that there are two basic “Crossings” when you get to Cadiz, The “Real” Crossing, and the Crossing Commonly Called “PATYO”; since this intersection and entrance to the Cadiz City Proper is based off of the Spaniards City Design where you enter a City through the Cemetery.

The Image Below shows you where the “Real Crossing” is. Just go Straight, don’t Turn Right not unless you wan’t to go directly to Sagay City.


Entering Cadiz City Proper is through this main “Crossing” and this area is also aptly called “Crossing” by the Locals.

Here’s a Zoom out view of both “Crossings”


Now once you have decided to go straight, it’s time to meet Crossing Number Two, the aptly named “PATYO” or simply a Cemetery in English. Below you will see the Zoomed-in view of this intersection.


This is the Main Crossing within the City Proper, here you will find the Public (left) and Private (right) Cemetery, LTO, Philippine National Police and is the gateway when going to other parts of the City. If you grew tired of the travel and want to stop for Coffee, then stop by the Starred Icon CafeRIZZ above where you will enjoy the Original Native Coffee of Cadiz City. (Shameless plug, I know 😉 )

Anyway, if you want to proceed and go to Jollibee, the Cadiz Public Market or SM Hypermart Cadiz, RL Apartelle, Miscellaneous Gift Shop and UNO Feeds then go straight following the Red Arrow. If you want to go to RC Beach, then follow the Yellow arrow towards PNU-Visayas. Once you get there, Turn Left towards the PNU-V Boulevard. This will lead you to the opposite side of the City proper where usually beaches are found (All streets lead to a Beach in Cadiz, since we are a Coastal City). The intersection below is shown and turning left goes to the PNU-V Boulevard.


As you can see above, it goes to the Opposite way of the City Proper, so take note it’s still near enough to get to and from the City Proper. You won’t miss this intersection as the School Sign of PNU-Visayas is plainly shown in the corner of the intersection.

Just Drive Straight until you reach the one-way only Talabaan Bridge. Small trivia, it is called Talabaan bridge as it is located in “Talabaan” which was coined from the word “Talabahan” which means an area to harvest Talaba. Talaba is a kind of scallop/shell which is supposed to give you strength in the knees (hint: Aphrodisiac).


Cross the bridge and just go directly Right, imagine running an “S” curve on reverse and that’s this road here. After that it’s straight road ahead. This road goes directly to where you want to go, and that is RC Beach (particularly in this post). You can also go to the other beaches taking this route. See Below to that road I’m talking about. Take this route slowly, air is nice in this route, so enjoy it for a bit.


Okay so you continued to follow the Yellow Brick Road errr. Yellow Arrow, then well, you’re basically near your Destination. Just look at the Map below and  it’s pretty self-explanatory from this point. Basically just go straight and slow, wait till you see a wide open road on the right, if the right side road you turn to is either near a basketball court then just go forward a little further. There should be no houses on the side of this road.


Once you turn to the Correct Road towards RC Beach Resort, you will see a Bamboo Pole as the only block to your way, this is where you will be checked by the entrance guard and you will be guided accordingly. Enjoy your Stay in Cadiz and thanks for Visiting!

*maps from Google Maps, Guides copyright of Delight Creatives