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Cadiz Tourism Week 2016

Cadiz City is again celebrating it’s 2016 Tourism week with the theme: “TOURISM FOR ALL –  Promoting Universal Accessibility”. We have copied the schedule from the official release of the Cadiz City Government and placed here for easy sharing and view. TourismWeek2016

Jaguar Badminton Academy Dominates the 2nd Sun Cellular National Juniors Badminton Tournament-Visayas Leg

11392856_976301105736824_807526639704980203_nCONGRATULATIONS Team JAGUAR BADMINTON ACADEMY for always Making Cadiz PROUD!!! Congratulations to Coach Ernesto Layao for standing on the values started by our very own Bangon Cadiznon Chairman on Sports and the Youth Coach Jordan Sun. Thanks also to those who made sure the Kids are able to join and thank you Lord for making them Healthy and Safe!.

Jaguar Badminton Academy, JBA is an Advocacy of Bangon Cadiznon, Please Check below for the JBA Scholars Performance Results:

Sun Cellular National Juniors Badminton Tournament Visayas Leg 2015

Cadiz City Jaguar Badminton Academy Winners:

Under 19 Mens’ Single -Kerr Longno Champion, Kenneth Longno-Runner-up.
Under 19 Mens’ Doubles- Kerr Longno and Jaylord Nicor-Champion, Kenneth Longno and Kennith Caracena- Runner – up.
Under 17 Boys’ Single John Mark A. Valenzuela – Champion.
Under 17 Boys’ Doubles – John Mark Valenzuela and Clifford Nicor- Champion. Under 17 Mixed – Clifford Nicor and Jacqueline Pantoja – Runner-up.
Under 15 Boy’s Doubles – Mark Steven Openiano and John Vibcent Saturibas – Runner-up.
Under 15 Girl’s Doubles -Katrina Mae Katrinamae Consing and Sophia Betita – Champion.
Under 13 Boy’s Singles -Clarence Villaflor – Champion.
Under 13 Girl’s Singles – Katrina Mae Consing – Champion, Sophia Betita – Runner-up.
Under 11 Girl’s Singles – Roshane Nicor – Champion, Jainie Aloyan – Runner-up.

To GOD be the glory!

For a More Detailed Report, please read the Related Article at the Watchmens Journal.

Here is the Album of Photos of the JBA Kids!



As the festive atmosphere of every City Fiesta in the Philippines, people get accustomed and excited with the arrival of either the local “Perya” (Fair), the quick sprouting of small stores, and the street peddlers who offer knick-knacks and other items that will serve as your souvenir of that said event.

Here in Cadiz, it is the same, but let us not forget that the whole point of “Dinagsa” is to honor, honoring Jesus, particularly baby Jesus, which we locally call the Señor Sto.Niño de Cadiz. We enjoy, we have fun, we drink; but let us not forget to do it honorably and not excessively.

The best of the People of Cadiz should be exemplified, to display discipline and being good hosts. A lot of tourist, visitors and guests visit us during the Dinagsa and accommodating them and providing them the best experience should be our concern. We also need to remind them that this is how we honor Jesus.

Dinagsa started as the Cadiz City Ati-atihan Festival, which showcases the pioneering Tribal Dance contest in the Philippines. This celebrates and showcases the introduction of Christianism in Cadiz, where the natives of Cadiz at that time, the Atis are pagan and worship figures and through the introduction of the Señor Sto.Niño de Cadiz as a symbol of the Baby Jesus, the celebration of the Tribal Dance and honoring Jesus started.

As a Culture, this belief of a figure which reminds us of the saints, the holy and mainly Jesus, is shown yearly in an area in Cadiz which is a form of honor from their owners. You can see the photos below showcasing the area along Villena St. where the “Santos” are shown.

Cadiz Dinagsa 2015 Opens with a Bang!

The 41st Dinagsa opens with a slew of events, but none notable than North Negros College powered “Electric Parade” wherein it is inspired mainly of showing lights and spectacles at night when the DINAGSA 2015 is declared by the City Mayor as “OPEN”.

NNC (North Negros College) prepared ensembles of students which represented fire goddesses, pixies and fairies all to be shown off as lights spectacle for the people of Cadiz. Droves of people lined the streets to witness the opening, and for the first time in Cadiz, have a Night Parade worth spending time with family. Not only did children enjoy, but as well as the Adults who were amazed by the available talents in Cadiz.

Enjoy the photoset below, courtesy of the Media Team of North Negros College.


Brgy. Burgos Thanks You for the Success of the 1st Kayogan Festival!


Kap Rodel Dellomes Evidente, Barangay Captain of Brgy. Burgos would like to send their Thanks for all those who graced their First Kayogan Festival which was held last 22, 23 and 24. Special thanks to the Sponsorship of Globe and ABS-CBN and their special event like the “Barangay KAPAMILYA”, the whole event of Brgy. Burgos was a resounding Success!!!

Graced by several dignitaries including Honorable Leo Rafael M. Cueva, Hon. Salvador G. Escalante, Hon. Patrick G. Escalante and Several other dignitaries, guests and tourists, the First Kayogan Festival appeared to be a Barangay Fiesta Blueprint of how a Fiesta in the Barangay Should be. There was a streetdance competition, Cooking Contest and several other events for the three day festivities, capped by the Kayogan Queen.

For More photos and stories from this First Ever Kayogan Festival, please visit the Official Facebook Page of Brgy. Burgos Here.




Cadiz Basketball Associations MAYOR’S CUP

The Cadiz Basketball Association or CBA recently held it’s 2014 Season Games which is aptly named the MAYOR’S CUP. It was joined by the different facets of Cadiz, from Businesses, Barkada’s, Commercial Groups, Government Agencies and the regular enthusiasts.


The Tournament was Joined by Teams from Cadiz Traders, DepEd, Philippine National Police, CafeRIZZ, FC Bebith, DuEkSam Tikvalval, Sizzlers Etc., Navigators, Juday, Vresco Thunder Volts, Young Hearts, Nikoy’s Pizza Haus and Friends of King.

TheFINALS Results

The Mythical Five of #17 Michael Blanco from the Navigators on Point Guard Position, #10 Theojude Ferraris of Team CafeRIZZ at Small Guard, #2 Emman Macaraig of Team CafeRIZZ at Small Forward, #13 Jay Villegas of Team FOK at Power Forward and #14 Daremil Franco of Team Navigators at Center.

The Season MVP is #10 Theojude Ferraris of Team CafeRIZZ which has also been chosen by the CMO Sports Council and Referees same as the Mythical Five.

The Champions of the Tournament is Team NAVIGATORS which is mostly composed by Seamen OFW from Cadiz City. 1st Runner Up is team CadeRIZZ formerly a team by ReyesBBQ which was renamed at the middle of the Tournament composed mainly of Neophyte Young Guns in the Basketball Tournament Field.

The Cadiz Basketball Association Chaired by Chris Ryan Montaño would like to extend it’s thanks and appreciation for the Help of the City Sports Coordinator of the CMO Sports Mr. Bany Jan Sarabia, together with his staff Sir Rommel Balandra and the rest of their team. Special thanks also to Hon. William “Bebing” Tabanao, Sports Chairman and the especially to the Cadiz City Mayor, Patrick G. Escalante M.D. for supporting this event.

Thanks also goes to the rest of the Working Group of Board of Directors, Jufer Sinahon, Alain Gozales, Rey Macaraig Jr. and the Cadiz Basketball Association Commissioner, Joeffrey Miravalles. Together with the rest of the Board of Directors, Roberto “Boy” Magno, Ptr. Stephen Gallinero and Sir Gil John Despi.

Thanks also to the current Sponsors (others to be added later after liquidation) namely VAMDA Fishing, GY Trading Company, MIMI’S Fast Food, NIKOY’S Pizza Haus, CafeRIZZ Native Coffee House and pending for Cadiz Traders and RRY Cycle Parts.

Enjoy the CBA Games Albums at the Official CBA Facebook Page Here.



1st Boriring Festival in Cadiz City


Many People would think the Buriring is the same as Butete which are both from the same Family of Puffer Fish. However, long ago in Cadiz the Boriring has been known to be a staple food considering the abundance of Santol Trees in Cadiz at that time. Yes, if not cleaned well, boriring is dangerous and will continue to be, but the specialized cooking procedure in Cadiz made this fish a staple of safe and delicious delicacy.

This Month, the Cadiz City Tourism Office led by Mrs. Juanily Pedrosa organized the Boriring Festival together with the rest of the 2nd District namely Manapla and Sagay. It was also covered by the regional news agency like ABS-CBN and GMA where it was featured last night at Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Some local foodies and bloggers also covered the said event for different types of cooking for this rare and exotic food.

It might look like small mices at first, but then once you have a taste of it, it will whet your appetite. The same way you thought of BALUT before, the looks won’t do justice to the taste. So come visit Cadiz and Try the Boriring as it is currently it’s Boriring Season!!!

Enjoy some photos from the Album of one of the Participants who won the Cooking Contest, Mrs. Fely Cimeni. (Right-Click Open in New Window if you want a larger Preview)


BASYANG is Leaving, now a Tropical Depression


As we updated recently, Tropical Cyclone Basyang is just now a Tropical Depression and is slowly leaving the Philippines area of responsibility.

Negros Occidental is still at Signal #1 and some damages were experienced especially on the Coastal Areas. Some have not yet recovered from Yolanda, and Basyang decided to do some more misery to our fellow Cadiznons.

At Around 12MN, Cadiz City experienced some intermittent power outages and then followed by a longer outage between 1AM to almost 5AM due to the pick-up of winds which was howling and was already strong at that time. Some power interruptions followed normalizing at around 9AM as tested on our power monitoring equipment. As of now at 1144AM, we experienced another blackout lasting up to 12:06NN.

Today, weather outside is gloomy, although some rays of sunshine is seen. Some social media posts shows photos of damages in Cadiz, and more thanking our dear Lord for a lesser impact than Yolanda, as psychologically, Cadiznons has not gotten over yet the fear of another Yolanda Looming on us when we have not yet totally recovered.

The Good News is that Cadiznons are still in high spirits today, discussing the weather and doing their daily routines. We can now sleep easy tonight knowing that the weather disturbance caused by Basyang is slowly dissipating.


TC BASYANG: Signal #2 as of 2PM


We have updated earlier that Cadiz City is now at Signal Number 1. Now Negros Occidental as of 2PM is now at Signal #2. Please be aware as the wind from the Tropical Cyclone has increased. It is announced that BASYANG will not turn into a typhoon rather maintain as a Tropical Cyclone, it will pass quickly due to it’s speed.

All Travel Boats from Iloilo to Bacolod and Vice-Versa are not allowed to ship out. Fishing boats are warned not to venture into the sea, and all coastal residences be wary of the conditions and evacuate as soon as local officials announces evacuations.