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The Outpouring of Help: Cadiznons Thank You All So Much!

As you may have known, this site and the Organization formed from it named BANGON CADIZNON has been enticing all supporters to use the hashtags, #bangoncadiznon and #helpcadiz. Thus indirectly, you are helping on the mission of asking help for our fellow Cadiznons Benefit and thus the Outpouring of help for Cadiz.

In the Government front, there have been visits from the pledges of the United Nations, a Lot of Medical Missions from several medical and care societies. Programs from the Red Cross, and even a Visit from Miss Korina Sanchez, who’s advocacy for “Walang Batang Naka Paa sa Pilipinas” has reached the shores of Tiglawigan which is one of the hardest hit area in Cadiz.

In Behalf of all Cadiznons, we at this site and at BANGON CADIZNON, Thank You All So Much for your Help. We hope to have a Partner in our Rebuilding, as relief operations is more than enough already and the help has been so overwhelming.


We are still going out on missions everyday, thanks to our Donors and Supporters, and as Promised, we will always post our Documentary on this site and it’s accompanying stories.

To Recap; Our Wave 1 Missions 1 -8 has finished and for the Islands Mission Wave 2 Mission 1 was so successful that we are not going back once, but we are going back three times, this time to support the initial mission we have of Relief for the Residents, the Second Support of our Partners at PNU/PNC LHS CTL Alumni for the School Supplies of Kids, we will be going back again for the Partnership again of giving Chairs and Tables plus feeding for the Children still with the same partners at PNU/PNC LHS CTL Alumni in cooperation with us BANGON CADIZNON and with our new partner the iCARE for DAYCARE project of Miss Frances Gail Florida Inaldo. They have chosen to work with BANGON CADIZNON who has now through the Grace of God and the good hearts of our Donors and Supporters now has reached more than 3,733 Families in Cadiz (and some not in Cadiz but near Islands).

Wave Mission 2Thanks FIN

For our Wave 2 Mission 2 Missions, we revisited the Coastal Areas this time in cooperation with the Colegio de Sta Ana De Victorias and in part by the Parkland Filipino Association and an Anonymous Donor we have successfully completed Continue reading


3450 Plus Families Served by This Sites Donors


As you may know, we are a Non-Government website who has already a track record of 10-Years in the business of updating news and views for the people of Cadiz, Here and Abroad.

Did you know that this Site is the only news agency within Cadiz during the Typhoon Yolanda that is posting out news, updates and information including receiving our Readers Private Messages of Numbers of their Loved ones that we contacted for them so that their fears will be appeased? We are updating even as the Typhoon is in progress and we have been helping appease families from abroad to assure them their loved ones are safe. This in turn has lead to these same people to ask us to start the cause of BANGON CADIZNON for the purpose of serving our fellow Cadiznons!

The Cadiz Government has their own news outfit and series of sites that has only been steadily updating after the calamity to spread out and gather donors and help, so feel free to check them out too. We are posting this FYI as there are rumors of this site being a “Politically Motivated” outfit and that the likes on our Facebook Page is low which is to those who understand the difference between a facebook page and a facebook profile know, is not the basis of the Traffic we get on this site that is asking for updates from us. Oh and Finally, creating a Profile Page to represent your site would have more likes than Creating a Facebook Page which is the proper way to use Facebook. You cannot create a profile of an outfit if you are not a person.

We are posting this to let you know that we are here to fully serve our fellow Cadiznons even if we hear negative feedback about us!

On The Cadiz City News

Help is still pouring in in Cadiz, and recently the United Nations visited Cadiz to asses damages. That was Yesterday, December 2, 2013. Several other groups are still sending out relief efforts in Cadiz, but more so are reconstructions and rebuilding efforts.

We have also received news that The Government has been giving back Fishing Boats for the Small Fishermen of Cadiz to replace the Boats that got Totally Damaged when Yolanda hit the Coastal Barangays the Hardest.

In terms of utilities and other general operations in Cadiz like Banks, Restaurants and service sectors, they are all now operational and students are going back to school and the lives of the people are somewhat back to normal.

On to The Rumors and Hearsay

Long before the Survivors of Yolanda/Haiyan from Cadiz who were working in Tacloban returned back in Cadiz, some news agencies already sent out news that in-mates and prisoners from Tacloban, including the Continue reading


Cadiz Stands: The Good and The Bad of Disasters


This is not the time for putting blame, not a time to Procrastinate. We should do our share of helping each other, we are here at ground-zero, we are here actually witnessing the horror here, as in a TV Ad say, “In Live and Full Color, High-Def 3D”.

I personally witnessed Barangay Officials (some of them, as I can’t vouch for the decision making of others) storming the weather helping their respective constituents and responding. Some even left their own houses which were also destroyed to prioritize others. Remember, The WHOLE OF CADIZ WAS HIT, no exemption, rich or poor, Government or Commercial, everybody is affected, even me as I write updates for all, I have to prepare food for the people close to me, households who have no means. So if you don’t have something to say to lift the spirits or be constructive, then keep it to your self.

I can see some taking advantage of the situation, several cases of looting, even in front of the owner of a truck, somebody attempted to pull-out the batteries. Desperation? Maybe not, as most good-natured people who are even affected worse even managed to stay in-control and find other means to take care of their own affairs. Others are just simply taking advantage of the calamity. Especially when there is no light or power.

Some families even exaggerated their situation just to get help from others or even family members from abroad who in turn, made those families from abroad fear the worse. Yes, Cadiz is hugely affected, Yes we all Need Help, but please don’t take advantage of the goodwill of people.

There are even stories of people Collecting Donations from abroad, yet used the donation for personal gain. So sad to hear those stories, so I suggest if you want to help, and you want it to directly reach the people, I will offer this site to receive such Help. I will document each donation and take photos so I can post where your Help has Been given, you can even tell us where you want your help to go to.

Finally, there are lot of people giving their piece-of-mind on how to help Cadiznons, giving feedback on where it should be directed, what should be offered, yet as the old saying goes, “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”. Let us Help, Without Words, But With Compassion…


More FREE CHARGING zones have been opened, aside from SM, Cadiz City Library and Globe Office In front of Dr.VFGMNHS as we previously reported, some commercial and residential establishments have offered them also to fellow Cadiznons, like YUVIC Commercial, MIMI’s FastFood (limited slots and for it’s patrons), Evangelical Church of Cadiz and Cadiz City Roman Catholic Church. However some have limited times to offer, but most have been entrepreneurial and offer as fair as 10 pesos and as high as 30 pesos for charging.

Many relief efforts are on the way, the Organizations affiliated with this Site, is working together to find means of providing food for our fellow Cadiznons.

One Good News is that the City Proper might have power restored as soon as 1 to 2 weeks, this is according to linemen working on the field. I guess the 1 to 2 month estimate is for Total Power Restoration in the entirety of Cadiz. This is sort of Good News at least so Office and Commercial sectors will be back in business as usual.

The People of Cadiz near the City Center is back on it’s normal happy disposition, busy with reconstructions and building from the ground up. We have scoured the further flung barrios and there is a need for construction materials as most don’t want to leave their homes and just want to wait for Help that will go their way. Help is on the way, rest assured, there are many Commercial sectors making the necessary action to do so and help. We will have more information about these in the coming days.

Commercial and Private individuals are completing a complete disaster mapping for Cadiz and Relief Hotspots through Google Maps and whatnot. Barangay Personnel and Private individuals are also making a complete list of the people of each barangay needing help for easier Mapping and Listing when needed. These will also be Copy-Furnished to DSWD and other offices needing the list.

CCcom (this site) has also finished going to the ropes of going to and contacting the people that needs to be contacted by their families. We have done our part, please help us also coordinate with the other families if you have the means.

Thank You to Those who Offered Cadiznons Help through this site!!! Thank You and God Bless!!!


Giving The Cadiz Way

I was scouring the world wide web for some interesting sites and social pages that are related to Cadiz so I can at least compile a few of them for the purpose of letting the Cadiznons know how connected we are to digital media. Well I found a few notable social communities and groups that I have added to my previous post.  During this time I also found a few websites that I linked to from this site before. I found this hidden gem of a site a few days back that caught my very short attention span.

Gift Giving The Cadiz Way!

One of my friends from overseas (a Cadiznon also) one day asked if there is a way for her to send out a gift to her little sisters birthday here to Cadiz safely. She did not trust couriers (aside from it being very expensive), and other online sites and services of the like especially if she doesn’t yet know how legit they are.

She asked for a favor from me if she can send the gift through me in form of online cash (considering I do a lot of transactions online and stuff), and just buy the stuff for her sister here locally. Id like to do that for a friend every so often, but how about others who don’t have someone like me to ask a favor from to do a simple request like this for them. That good friend of mine also quipped that she hoped there was a way to actually just send her little sister a gift that she personally bought than giving her cash or go through the hassle of Continue reading


SM Cadiz is a HyperMarket

Due to the recent comment on of our guest commenter Sir Mai Escalante, we performed more research regarding the proposed SM Mall in cadiz which we earlier announced as “rumors” of an SM Savemore.

We learned from Mr. Escalante that it is SM Hypermart, which is the sweet and short SM Hypermarket Chain of SM Supermalls. It is larger than SM Savemore as mentioned and researching the general size of this mall, it falls in between the size of an SM City and an SM Savemore.

The SM SaveMore Cadiz

The SM HyperMarket Cadiz

Gadgets For Sale

Shopping, Buy and Sell and Cadiz City online market has moved

Buy and Sell site Bacolod, Iloilo, Dumaguete, Cebu and the VisayasThanks for checking out the shopping section of, we now have moved this section to a partner site which is dedicated solely for Shopping, Buy and Sell and Marketing in the Visayas. Registration is FREE at, the Buy and Sell Portal for the Greater Visayas Area, Bacolod, Cebu, Dumaguete, Iloilo, San-Carlos, Leyte etc.