Power To The People: Slowly Getting There!


Good News to All Cadiznons, as we indicated here in CCcom earlier, that the Commercial District will at least have Power Back in 1 to 2 weeks, but last night, sooner than expected they have tried to Power-Up successfully to test out their repairs. And Today, we have consistent power from the City Public Market Area and to The Main Commercial Establishments. Possibly the Main Road Street Lights will also be operational. Ongoing repairs are still in progress.

The reason why they have power on that area first is that the main Trunk line from VRESCO (the Local Power Cooperative) travels from that area. That means, the main Transmission line has power and every 2 to 3 days, some Puroks will slowly have power. At least we might see some positive news now every day! So expect Power to be back sooner rather than Later!

Relief Operations Update:

Help in Cadiz has been overflowing, we haven’t covered everyone yet, but all Commercial Groups and Non-Profits have dropped their help here in Cadiz. We are Very Thankful for All Your Help. If you have photos to Share, Please tag our Facebook Page so we can show our appreciation to everyone who has offered help.

And To Those who offered their Help Through this Website, we will personally post Documentations and Photos here on a separate page. We have scheduled the distribution period on Saturday as we are still completing our mapping of areas which have not yet received relief since even within the City Limits, only 20% of each Barangay is estimated to have received the relief from different organizations. This is mainly because of Logistics mapping, Goods and Help are on standby and will be distributed not Aimlessly just to send Help, but Help Where it Is Absolutely Needed and Appreciated.

You can come with us on Saturday, but please indicate the Packs and Volumes you intend to distribute so we can assign locations easily and make out a good Distribution plan based on the Volume of Relief we have. As of This Time, we would like to send our Thanks to those who supported us through this site. To the previous Donors, we have packaged your Goods to the Ones of Each Barangays starting with where it’s near our location. We have some photos of the Goods Being Packed together and we will collect and post them here on this News Later.

A Big Thanks and Shout out to: Gawad Kalinga Cadiz and Friends Of King for facilitation and Logistics Partner.

Thanks to the coordination from Philippine Normal University LHS/CTL Alumni, my Batch 98 of PNU and to the pledges from Qatar PermasteelisaGartner Qatar LLC (we are waiting for your pledge and we will be mainly purchasing Rice so we can Include this in the Relief Package for Saturday), Miss Arriane (A Private Citizen, let me know if you allow us to post full credits) and to those donors on the list which have chosen to remain anonymous as of this time.

We also give thanks to the coordination of Federation of Auto Club Cebu for the Cebu-Leyte operations. Thanks also CadizMyCityMyHome donors directed from this site and to all volunteers who helped repack and distribute the goods. Our Major distribution will be scheduled on Saturday if you plan to Join us and after that we will Jump to Lakawon Island. Thanks and God Bless you All!

Just in as Of 400PM of November 14, 2013. SK Federation Donations has arrived. Thanks SK Fed!!!

We will post complete Mapping Details here soon, please Coordinate with us if you plan to Tag Along, Thank You Very Much, or as our Local Dialect says “Madamo Guid Nga Salamat!!!”

Here are a couple of Photos from the few days we were Tracking Continue reading

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Cadiz Relief Operations: Still On-Going

Again, we always Update after the End of the Day for pertinent Information on this site, so we will still apologize for this gap in updates as there is still no Power in Cadiz and Stable Internet Connection.

Currently, Relief operations and Hotspot tracking is underway in Cadiz together with DSWD and the Private/Commercial Sector. Several Organizations have already spread out like Gawad Kalinga Cadiz with Gawad Kalinga Province Distributing Help in Tiglawigan and Banquerohan. They have gone first to Sagay and Escalante before reaching Cadiz. ABS-CBN Sagip Kamilya was first on the way, the day after the Typhoon and a few more from AMITY and Chinese Chamber and Several private individuals who have given help through the DSWD.

As far as this site is concerned, we have now teamed-up with a few Organizations to get your Help Directly to the people, as we observed that DSWD is swamped with requests and data-gathering that we would supplement them by having operations done while checking their Records as well as other Needed information.

Thank you to the Head Office of DSWD Cadiz, that they allowed us to post and share a Confidential Information that is available as of the time of this writing. Posted below is a snapshot of the Disaster Statistics in Cadiz as well as the First-Day Response of Help List. We will update this once we get new Information.

tmp_2013-11-12 11.32.3371491106

tmp_2013-11-12 11.32.431123614756

On The Other News:

A few other private individuals has offered FREE CHARGING in Cadiz, like GAP Advertising located in front of the City Emergency Clinic, VAMDA Fishing in Punta and Few more houses and homes of private individuals. However, most of the people are still queuing at the GLOBE Station who has now provided Canopy Tents for those in the line.

We have also received data that Lakawon Island has only 2 Standing Houses from a sea of destroyed ones and according to last report, there are a total of 250 homes more or less totally damaged on the Island. Relief is being prepared for that area as of the time of this writing.

It was also publicly announced that there will be No Classes tomorrow for All Levels as Cadiz is Now in Public Storm Signal #1 as of this time and predicted to have Signal #3 once Again tomorrow, Wednesday, November 13, 2013 with the Typhoon Named Zoraida. Cadiz is on High Alert once again, we urge the public to be vigilant. *Latest Report indicates That Zoraida is now just a Low Pressure.

We already have informed Cadiznons from the earlier post about Looting and other Akyat-Bahay operations that we are re-emphasizing this fact to all Cadiznons as the Police are urging everyone to be vigilant of this fact.

We will update later with photos of relief Operations we have witnessed today, but please excuse us if not all areas in Cadiz was covered with the Photos, as we don’t have a full news crew to handle such a huge task.

Thank you for your appreciation of this site and Those that have called us to offer Help. Thank You and God Bless You All!!!

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Cadiz Stands: The Good and The Bad of Disasters


This is not the time for putting blame, not a time to Procrastinate. We should do our share of helping each other, we are here at ground-zero, we are here actually witnessing the horror here, as in a TV Ad say, “In Live and Full Color, High-Def 3D”.

I personally witnessed Barangay Officials (some of them, as I can’t vouch for the decision making of others) storming the weather helping their respective constituents and responding. Some even left their own houses which were also destroyed to prioritize others. Remember, The WHOLE OF CADIZ WAS HIT, no exemption, rich or poor, Government or Commercial, everybody is affected, even me as I write updates for all, I have to prepare food for the people close to me, households who have no means. So if you don’t have something to say to lift the spirits or be constructive, then keep it to your self.

I can see some taking advantage of the situation, several cases of looting, even in front of the owner of a truck, somebody attempted to pull-out the batteries. Desperation? Maybe not, as most good-natured people who are even affected worse even managed to stay in-control and find other means to take care of their own affairs. Others are just simply taking advantage of the calamity. Especially when there is no light or power.

Some families even exaggerated their situation just to get help from others or even family members from abroad who in turn, made those families from abroad fear the worse. Yes, Cadiz is hugely affected, Yes we all Need Help, but please don’t take advantage of the goodwill of people.

There are even stories of people Collecting Donations from abroad, yet used the donation for personal gain. So sad to hear those stories, so I suggest if you want to help, and you want it to directly reach the people, I will offer this site to receive such Help. I will document each donation and take photos so I can post where your Help has Been given, you can even tell us where you want your help to go to.

Finally, there are lot of people giving their piece-of-mind on how to help Cadiznons, giving feedback on where it should be directed, what should be offered, yet as the old saying goes, “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”. Let us Help, Without Words, But With Compassion…


More FREE CHARGING zones have been opened, aside from SM, Cadiz City Library and Globe Office In front of Dr.VFGMNHS as we previously reported, some commercial and residential establishments have offered them also to fellow Cadiznons, like YUVIC Commercial, MIMI’s FastFood (limited slots and for it’s patrons), Evangelical Church of Cadiz and Cadiz City Roman Catholic Church. However some have limited times to offer, but most have been entrepreneurial and offer as fair as 10 pesos and as high as 30 pesos for charging.

Many relief efforts are on the way, the Organizations affiliated with this Site, www.cadiz-city.com is working together to find means of providing food for our fellow Cadiznons.

One Good News is that the City Proper might have power restored as soon as 1 to 2 weeks, this is according to linemen working on the field. I guess the 1 to 2 month estimate is for Total Power Restoration in the entirety of Cadiz. This is sort of Good News at least so Office and Commercial sectors will be back in business as usual.

The People of Cadiz near the City Center is back on it’s normal happy disposition, busy with reconstructions and building from the ground up. We have scoured the further flung barrios and there is a need for construction materials as most don’t want to leave their homes and just want to wait for Help that will go their way. Help is on the way, rest assured, there are many Commercial sectors making the necessary action to do so and help. We will have more information about these in the coming days.

Commercial and Private individuals are completing a complete disaster mapping for Cadiz and Relief Hotspots through Google Maps and whatnot. Barangay Personnel and Private individuals are also making a complete list of the people of each barangay needing help for easier Mapping and Listing when needed. These will also be Copy-Furnished to DSWD and other offices needing the list.

CCcom (this site) has also finished going to the ropes of going to and contacting the people that needs to be contacted by their families. We have done our part, please help us also coordinate with the other families if you have the means.

Thank You to Those who Offered Cadiznons Help through this site!!! Thank You and God Bless!!!

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Cadiz: No Power, More Problems!

While having our own premises fixed up and my wife’s store being completely wiped out, we needed to make sure that the shop employees are well-attended for as well as friends and relatives. We needed to drive around doing so and since that time, for a few days now driving through the rain and storming up areas where we can get the info needed, we still cannot cover the whole of Cadiz. Some roads are impassable, and some are outright unreachable at this time since we don’t want to add to the traffic of the relief and rescue efforts.

We have gathered several info from the CREATE-RESCUE personnel we met on the road, and we confirmed rumors at DSWD regarding said Casualties in Barangay Daga, and the news that the relocated people in Carmen where there houses were completely crushed down to the ground. At this time, there is still no reported casualties, although I heard from a friend from an area concerned in Daga that there was a person impaled by a bamboo pole, and one being hit by a flying tin roofing at the spine. At this time we will consider this as hearsay as no confirmation from either offices of local disaster and DSWD was given.

Although several news reached us of injuries, it is not impossible for that fact to be true as even yours truly is a bit injured as the only man around the house running the necessary precautions. However, we have also heard stories of bravery from local organizations such as the “Friends Of KING” actually storming the floods and carrying children and assisting the elderly to safety.

Even private individuals are doing their share, as the Governments effort cannot cover the whole of Cadiz that is in dire need of Help. EMCOR, since their primary employees are from Barangay Daga, the next day distributed relief goods not only to their employees but to the people of Barangay Daga. Manager of Cadiz Offices of Manolette, made their main branch in Cadiz as a temporary shelter for their employees. He allegedly drove through the storm to personally drive them from their homes to their Offices while the Typhoon is ongoing and he had to dodge falling trees and flying debris.

Mr. Diony Lopez, a known magnate in Cadiz owning the Cadiz Hotel, some businesses and several subdivisions here, has managed to send out Relief Goods in Caduhaan where people complained that the relief efforts of the Government didn’t reach them. The people of Caduhaan are very Thankful to Mr. Lopez for such effort and several Social Media posts has aired how thankful they are when families from overseas send out their thanks. I am not from the Government, but Continue reading

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CADIZ SAFE: The SuperTyphoon Yolanda Aftermath

*post updated with new photos on 0241AM @ 11/14/13
*post updated with new photos on 0941AM @ 11/10/13

We apologize in advanced for the late update as there is still no Power here in Cadiz City, Negros Occidental. We have been hit by SuperTyphoon Yolanda at around 1103AM, November 8, 2013, Friday. This typhoon is equivalent to a Category 5 Hurricane.

Property Damage as an early estimate is around 70% of properties in Cadiz. There are no Reported Casualties as of this time and we have observed that there are now a lot of Sold-out stores, even the Bamboo wholesaler has no stocks left.

Many trees as old as 80 years old are uprooted, and most of the damages to homes and houses are either by the direct impact of the wind, but some because of the Trees falling on these properties.

The main reason for the blackout is there are a lot of Power Posts that got broke and power lines that were cut. There is also a limited supply from Gasoline Suppliers as most are closed and damaged.

We also ask in advance to please post your comment if you need Credits to the Photos we have posted in this news release, as we gather random photos of Cadiz with the effect of Typhoon Yolanda, and since Internet Connection and Cellular service is On and Off as of this time, we don’t have time to meticulously trace the sources of the photos for credit. However, most of them are from my Friends and Colleagues, so Thanks To You in Advance!

There is still no power as of this time, and Water was restored at around 4 am today. Most establishments are closed and we have a hard time looking for “Carinderias” and places to get foods and supplies in. Thankfully some have opened their stores at around noon.

Cadiznons it seems are back to normal, however most are repairing damages, cutting trees and building new homes, especially the residences who were evacuated early Thursday. We predict some possible shortage in Food but Things are looking up.

And since this site is a personal and commercial endeavor to update everyone about Cadiz, we didn’t respond to information regarding rescue efforts by the Government, Supplies and whatnot, except for the information given to us by Friends and Known Reliable sources. So we apologize for the Private E-mails we received that we haven’t responded to. Rest assured that those concerned about their Families is that most have been evacuated and only Commercial and Private Property damages are reported and so far there are no Casualties.

We will post a timeline of events a little bit later once we have stable power, but at the mean time, we are sharing a few of the Photos in and around Cadiz with how Super Typhoon Yolanda has affected us. (We are adding photos every now and then, please check after clicking “Continue Reading”)

Continue reading

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SuperTyphoon Haiyan aka (Yolanda) Cadiz Update 4

As of 5am today, Cadiz City is now at Signal Number 4. Full Evacuation is now ordered for all coastal residences including those near enough to the seas.

Reported waves as high as 6ft. has been observed, residents are asked to be extra careful during this time. Winds have now picked up and unrelenting rains and warning of severe flooding has been given.

Peak of high winds and typhoon is predicted to be at around 5pm this afternoon. Residents in non-concrete houses are also being asked to observe the conditions early and evacuate when necessary. At this time residents in much sturdier housing are asked to stay home.

Please Continue to pray for Cadiz!

Pray For Cadiz SuperTyphoon Yolanda

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SuperTyphoon Haiyan aka (Yolanda) Cadiz Update 3

Cadiz City has now been Elevated to Signal Number 3.

About Three Hours ago, we have been at Signal Number 2 and have just been recently elevated to Signal Number 3 by a recent update on the direction and intensity of the SuperTyphoon Yolanda.

On the Grounds, Coastal Residences have already evacuated to the desired locations through the efforts of their respective Barangays.

At around 7:04 PM to 8:00 PM a heavy downpour was experienced were the residents of Cadiz Fears the worst. However, it has calmed down now to drizzle, and occasional gusts of winds. However, it’s the calm before the storm that the people are fearing.

At this time, we are Urging Everyone to take extra effort and Pray, please urge your neighbors as well as your friends from other places as the Power of Prayer has always helped us get through these sorts of Calamity. God Bless and this will be our Last Update for Tonight.

Pray For Cadiz SuperTyphoon Yolanda

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SuperTyphoon Haiyan aka (Yolanda) Cadiz Update 2

We have just been recently informed from morning interviews to prevent panic and keep calm for proposed evacuation especially of coastal residences. The announced “315kph” information given by our City Vice Mayor, Samson “Jongben” Mirhan in his announcement this morning is the predicted Gustiness of the wind that will probably hit Negros Islands specifically in Cadiz.

Vice-Mayor Mirhan announced that there are no classes for secondary and elementary school students. It was also indicated that people from the coastal area shall as soon as now prepare for evacuation as Vice-Mayor Mirhan suspects that our earlier post here at Cadiz-City.com of Signal Number 4 shall be in effect early tomorrow morning instead of around 11-12 noon as Weather sites predicted.

As we reported here at CCcom, Panay and Greater Negros is currently at Signal Number 1, with a 36 hours notice starting this noon. Please consult our earlier post for the three-day forecast based on our collaboration of data from different weather bureaus.

Local Updates from Our Friends

The Barangay Council of Barangay Zone-2 through the information coming from our reliable source, has asked us to announce the following locations for evacuation in case of an evacuation notice from our Local Goverment:

  • The Zone-2 Barangay Hall
  • The Zone-2 Health Center
  • Dr. Vicente F. Gustilo Memorial National High School Gymnasium
  • Through The Efforts of Mr. Jordan Sun, areas only near the Cadiz City Badminton Court will be also prepared as we post this notice.

They have also asked us to post the same notice to other Barangays to forward information updates once there is a blackout and other pertinent info made available publicly and we will gladly post updates in relation to this information.

As a reminder, please continue to Pray for Safety and Pray for the SuperTyphoon to be dissolved before it reaches our shore.

Gustiness and Rainfall Info For Tomorrow, November 8, 2013, FRIDAY

Typhoon Haiyan

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Tropical Cyclone Yolanda Cadiz Update (SuperTyphoon Haiyan aka Yolanda)

We have been holding on updating this site for quite some time, but we feel the need to update our fellow Cadiznons and Negrenses about the Tropical Cyclone Yolanda which is reaching our shores. Updates on weather sites and social updates have only been updating for major Cities in Luzon and General Cities in the Visayas but we have not have specific updates for our area. We will try out updates in as much as laymen terms as possible.

Panay and Negros Islands (including Cadiz) will be in Signal Number 1 in the next 36 hours based on the data we gathered on several International Weather sites as in conjunction with the last updates of PAGASA. With speeds of 50 to 60kph while main eye of typhoon is at 250kph more or less. Main concern is the amount of rain and the rise of tides on the coastal area. This is set for November 7 from 12NN to Early Morning of November 9.

Typhoon Yolanda Negros

At this time, we urge you to prepare for floods and rains, all light materials should be held down like roofs, chairs and tables, especially when placed outside. All materials that can be lifted by strong winds should be held together and make sure small debris and rocks are away from windows. If you have tall trees with several bigger branches, it will be best to cut them down as early as today. Make sure all Electrical wires and appliances are pushed away on these tree branches as well as high enough in case of flooding.

Reserve, flashlights and candles for intermittent possible blackouts, and reserve as much water as possible. Since a flood of 2 to 3 days will also shut down our water supplies here in the City to prevent contamination and whatnot. Also it is advised to keep all your necessities like clothes, food and emergency equipment ready for any eventuality.

Don’t forget to pray, so that by the time the typhoon hits our shores, it will have lesser impact and at least just become a tropical thunderstorm. We urge our people together to pray but as well to be prepared.

God Bless Us All!!!

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GAP Advertising: Now In Cadiz!

GAP Advertising has now opened their doors to clients from Cadiz. The decision to open one of their branches in Cadiz is to be able to offer the same excellent and professional services they have been offering in San Carlos.

They specialize in Large Format Printing, Store Fronts and other Advertising Materials. You can source out your Design Needs from IMBITASYON.com and have it printed at GAP Advertising.

Go Visit them at Door 5, Dacles Bldg. Fronting the City Health Office. Cabahug St., Cadiz City, Negros Occidental

GAP Advertising Barangay Election Promo

Contact Details are:

Landline: 466.8888
Mobile: 0916.367.8644 and 0922.392.2284
E-Mail: GapCadiz@Gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GapPrinting

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