TC BASYANG: Signal #2 as of 2PM


We have updated earlier that Cadiz City is now at Signal Number 1. Now Negros Occidental as of 2PM is now at Signal #2. Please be aware as the wind from the Tropical Cyclone has increased. It is announced that BASYANG will not turn into a typhoon rather maintain as a Tropical Cyclone, it will pass quickly due to it’s speed.

All Travel Boats from Iloilo to Bacolod and Vice-Versa are not allowed to ship out. Fishing boats are warned not to venture into the sea, and all coastal residences be wary of the conditions and evacuate as soon as local officials announces evacuations.

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TC Basyang: Cadiz City in Signal #1


Just before we send out our thanks to those who Joined and Participated with us on the 40th DINAGSA Festival in Cadiz City, let us post this 36 hour warning for Tropical Cyclone BASYANG. Fresh from the effects of two recent Weather Disturbance in Cadiz, especially the effects of Yolanda, an early warning for these kinds of event should be inserted first.

Please be advised that this 36 hours forecast will cover the Signal #1 for the whole Negros Occidental Region, and effects will be felt in the next 36 hours. Let us pray that it never jumps a signal higher, or Basyang Dissolved before it makes landfall.

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40th DINAGSA Festival, Dagsa Dalagan a Day Before!

Thank you for the overwhelming support you guys shown us for our Fund-Raising Event, Dagsa Dalagan, Fun Run Para Sa Kabataan. Proceeds will benefit the Children and Day Cares of Cadiz, particularly right now for Brgy. Daga and Canaan. We already delivered to Lakawon and Daga Initially, and we plan to raise more funds to help this cause of BANGON CADIZNON this is through one of our Project: iCARE for DAY CARES.

Here is tomorrows route for the FUN RUN!!! Please be advised!



Cadiz is now having a festive atmosphere before the Fun Run and the opening of Dinagsa and Lamhitanay. Please enjoy a few of our Photos we took just now of what’s happening in Cadiz below, which we will add to soon!!!

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DAGSA DALAGAN: Fun Run Para Sa Kabataan 2014


BANGON CADIZNON, the Group and Organization formed from this site from it’s humble beginnings which started during the Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan has now reached over 5000 Families, and though we have a Lull of Updates, we continued to give Gifts in December through our Generous Donors, Partners and Sponsors.

Our Advocacy was and is to help the people of Cadiz Affected by Yolanda by distributing relief goods, materials and items that would help them move on from the calamity. In Late December, considering the outpouring of help for Cadiz, we decided to stop the Relief Operations and Moved to Gift-Giving.

Since the Founder of BANGON CADIZNON is also a part of the Philippine Normal University Batch 98 or known as “Nubentay Otso”, it is their Creed every Christmas of every year to do some gift-giving to the Children of Cadiz. This has also influenced several other batches from PNU, specifically Batch ’85 who has been generous to the call of BANGON CADIZNON and we now collectively give our thanks, since all other Batches also supported, the PNU/PNC LHS/CTL Alumni Association through the Alumni president, Mrs. Emily Florida Esimos who is also the BANGON CADIZNON

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The Outpouring of Help: Cadiznons Thank You All So Much!

As you may have known, this site and the Organization formed from it named BANGON CADIZNON has been enticing all supporters to use the hashtags, #bangoncadiznon and #helpcadiz. Thus indirectly, you are helping on the mission of asking help for our fellow Cadiznons Benefit and thus the Outpouring of help for Cadiz.

In the Government front, there have been visits from the pledges of the United Nations, a Lot of Medical Missions from several medical and care societies. Programs from the Red Cross, and even a Visit from Miss Korina Sanchez, who’s advocacy for “Walang Batang Naka Paa sa Pilipinas” has reached the shores of Tiglawigan which is one of the hardest hit area in Cadiz.

In Behalf of all Cadiznons, we at this site and at BANGON CADIZNON, Thank You All So Much for your Help. We hope to have a Partner in our Rebuilding, as relief operations is more than enough already and the help has been so overwhelming.


We are still going out on missions everyday, thanks to our Donors and Supporters, and as Promised, we will always post our Documentary on this site and it’s accompanying stories.

To Recap; Our Wave 1 Missions 1 -8

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Bangon Cadiznon Facebook Feeds

Bangon Cadiznon

We Created this page to support our Fund-Raising and Marketing efforts of BANGON CADIZNON. We also post missions, sponsors and donor information in this page including announcements for our Volunteers. A Non-Government Organization formed for the Betterment of Cadiznons with the Mantra of "In Everything We Do, It is All for The Greater Glory of God!"
Bangon Cadiznon
Bangon CadiznonOctober 24th, 2014 at 12:45pm
Thank You Again Rotary Club of Mactan Cebu in Behalf of your Recipient for the Rolls of Sack/Tarp for emergency roofing and walling.
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Bangon Cadiznon
Bangon CadiznonOctober 14th, 2014 at 7:17am
Get Ready for 1st YEAR Anniversary of Bangon Cadiznon, we would like to initially thank Rotary Club of Mactan Cebu for the intention to help with next months programs.
We are now culminating our Sports Focus without Program Names to prevent from intersecting and conflict with other agencies, as long as we reached our Goal of Raising up the Sports Focus of the City of Cadiz especially with Basketball and the Continuing Program of one of our CO-Founder Sir Jordan Sun of the Jaguar Badminton Academy who is now on a series of leagues for the Children. We are praying for their success for the series of tournaments.
Programs in Health is still being Continued and Government Relations with our Co-Founder and Liason Mrs. Emily Florida Esimos and Mr. Ernie Esimos.
And Finally still on-going with the Program "Bringin Education Closer to the People" through Co-Founder Hon. Owen Desuyo powered by North Negros College.
We will recall and thank all those who made the First Year of BANGON CADIZNON A Resounding Success!!! All for the Greater Glory of GOD!
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Bangon Cadiznon
Bangon Cadiznon commented on their own link.October 3rd, 2014 at 6:25pm
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Bangon Cadiznon
Bangon CadiznonOctober 3rd, 2014 at 8:45am
Also Felt here in Cadiz just Around 30 Minutes ago... Here is full news details fom PIA.
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Bangon Cadiznon
Bangon CadiznonSeptember 24th, 2014 at 5:10am
This was extended as we have not reached the Goal of 1000 Workers yet, although we allocated an allowance of almost 2-weeks after the initial Deadline, the new Final Deadline cannot be extended and thus a hiring outside of Cadiz will be initiated after.
Madamo nga salamat sa Tanan nga Barangay Kapitan, Kagawad, Private Citizen, Organizations kag mga Kasimanwa nga nagbulig palapnag sini nga Impormasyon. Labi na guid sa mga barangay nga nag Tipon Submit sang Current nga mga Applicants.
Salamat man sa tanan nga nag kuha impormasyon sa CafeRIZZ kag nag submit kay Sir Jordan Sun kag sa tanan nga mga kagawad nga nag pahibalo nga ila na na forward ini nga mga Applicants direkta sa kay Sir Jordan.
Palihog pahibalo sa gusto mag hingagaw, kag sa mga may palamangkutanon nga mag sumitar na subong para sa Final Extension sang sini nga panginlahanon ka aton syudad!
Madamo Nga Salamat! Kag Ini Tanan, Tani Matuman sa Himaya kag Ngalan sang Guinoo!!!
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