The Outpouring of Help: Cadiznons Thank You All So Much!

As you may have known, this site and the Organization formed from it named BANGON CADIZNON has been enticing all supporters to use the hashtags, #bangoncadiznon and #helpcadiz. Thus indirectly, you are helping on the mission of asking help for our fellow Cadiznons Benefit and thus the Outpouring of help for Cadiz.

In the Government front, there have been visits from the pledges of the United Nations, a Lot of Medical Missions from several medical and care societies. Programs from the Red Cross, and even a Visit from Miss Korina Sanchez, who’s advocacy for “Walang Batang Naka Paa sa Pilipinas” has reached the shores of Tiglawigan which is one of the hardest hit area in Cadiz.

In Behalf of all Cadiznons, we at this site and at BANGON CADIZNON, Thank You All So Much for your Help. We hope to have a Partner in our Rebuilding, as relief operations is more than enough already and the help has been so overwhelming.


We are still going out on missions everyday, thanks to our Donors and Supporters, and as Promised, we will always post our Documentary on this site and it’s accompanying stories.

To Recap; Our Wave 1 Missions 1 -8


Supporters & Partners: Their Stories of Determination

As all of you may have noticed now, all our News in some way are mixed with the movement of the newly formed Group that Caters to the Needs of the Common Cadiznon, the BANGON CADIZNON Group. And as a multi-organizational group, we have a few of our supporters and donors who also coordinate with us, work with us and also are actually one of us. Our Group is not concerned with names, or who brought what and where, as long as those that are targeted by the group are those who need it most. We have a lot of missions that had happened, and a lot of stories of Miracles, Determination, Sympathy and Love. This one Story is specially forwarded to us by one of our Partners from Philippine Normal University LHS/CTL Alumni, through Miss Jabez Oberes.

The Story of a Fruitful Inconvenience

Someone once wrote that kindness, love and goodness to children are the only investments that never fail. It is on that same premise that the PNULHS/CTL alumni decided to touch the lives of the young school children in Lakawon Island.

On December 2, 2013, we headed to the island to distribute the school supplies we packed for the kids.


3450 Plus Families Served by This Sites Donors


As you may know, we are a Non-Government website who has already a track record of 10-Years in the business of updating news and views for the people of Cadiz, Here and Abroad.

Did you know that this Site is the only news agency within Cadiz during the Typhoon Yolanda that is posting out news, updates and information including receiving our Readers Private Messages of Numbers of their Loved ones that we contacted for them so that their fears will be appeased? We are updating even as the Typhoon is in progress and we have been helping appease families from abroad to assure them their loved ones are safe. This in turn has lead to these same people to ask us to start the cause of BANGON CADIZNON for the purpose of serving our fellow Cadiznons!

The Cadiz Government has their own news outfit and series of sites that has only been steadily updating after the calamity to spread out and gather donors and help, so feel free to check them out too. We are posting this FYI as there are rumors of


2 -Weeks After the STORM: Cadiznons Reconstructing.

We have a lull in making news in this site, as we are all busy running the BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group Missions. 2 Weeks After, our volunteers, members and yours truly got sick, mostly a combination of flu, muscle aches and stomach aches. This is the story of our Volunteers and what’s up now in Cadiz.

On The Cadiz City News

Power is back up on almost 80% of residences and establishments in the City Proper, water is steadily available, and common basic goods are back in supply. People are busy with reconstruction, and at this time, my plan of starting up a Cadiz Chamber of Commerce would have been great at controlling the prices. We expect the DTI and BIR to do an investigation on the shops in Cadiz soon, especially hardware, construction and even the Bamboo and Nipa shops in the City Public Market. This is because there is no stringent price control, and prices of building materials has increased by almost two folds.

There are rumors that DINAGSA, the City Fiesta of Cadiz on January will be postponed and a simple Mass would be given that day. Some argue it’s because the fund for Dinagsa has been used


BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group Mission Successful!


*Article Updated with Donors that we Forgot to Mention(Apologies, Lack of Sleep is the Culprit) and some Credit Name Corrections.

Madamo Guid nga Salamat means Thank You Very Much from the people of Cadiz. As you all know, This Site has decided to work with several organizations so that Help for Relief Operation for Victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in Cadiz City will go directly to the people without delay. Our Group is Called, BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group and here is our Donors Page.

We have started gathering donations since Wednesday Last week and Have now delivered to almost 2000 Families, Fully Saturating the Needs of at least 2 Barangays, Half of one Barangay where half of that Barangays Population already Received half from other organizations and we decided to supplement to fully cover those that were affected. We have 5 more Special Operations consisting of almost 50 Packs each to be Initiated these coming few days. Bulk Operations has ceased since our Resources are slowly depleting. Special Ops are Limited packs only delivered to


Power To The People: Slowly Getting There!


Good News to All Cadiznons, as we indicated here in CCcom earlier, that the Commercial District will at least have Power Back in 1 to 2 weeks, but last night, sooner than expected they have tried to Power-Up successfully to test out their repairs. And Today, we have consistent power from the City Public Market Area and to The Main Commercial Establishments. Possibly the Main Road Street Lights will also be operational. Ongoing repairs are still in progress.

The reason why they have power on that area first is that the main Trunk line from VRESCO (the Local Power Cooperative) travels from that area. That means, the main Transmission line has power and every 2 to 3 days, some Puroks will slowly have power. At least we might see some positive news now every day! So expect Power to be back sooner rather than Later!

Relief Operations Update:

Help in Cadiz has been overflowing, we haven’t covered everyone yet, but all Commercial Groups and Non-Profits have dropped their help here in Cadiz. We are Very Thankful for All Your Help. If you have photos to Share,


Cadiz Relief Operations: Still On-Going

Again, we always Update after the End of the Day for pertinent Information on this site, so we will still apologize for this gap in updates as there is still no Power in Cadiz and Stable Internet Connection.

Currently, Relief operations and Hotspot tracking is underway in Cadiz together with DSWD and the Private/Commercial Sector. Several Organizations have already spread out like Gawad Kalinga Cadiz with Gawad Kalinga Province Distributing Help in Tiglawigan and Banquerohan. They have gone first to Sagay and Escalante before reaching Cadiz. ABS-CBN Sagip Kamilya was first on the way, the day after the Typhoon and a few more from AMITY and Chinese Chamber and Several private individuals who have given help through the DSWD.

As far as this site is concerned, we have now teamed-up with a few Organizations to get your Help Directly to the people, as we observed that DSWD is swamped with requests and data-gathering that we would supplement them by having operations done while checking their Records as well as other Needed information.

Thank you to the Head Office of DSWD Cadiz, that they allowed us to post and share a Confidential Information that is available as of the time of this writing. Posted


Cadiz Stands: The Good and The Bad of Disasters


This is not the time for putting blame, not a time to Procrastinate. We should do our share of helping each other, we are here at ground-zero, we are here actually witnessing the horror here, as in a TV Ad say, “In Live and Full Color, High-Def 3D”.

I personally witnessed Barangay Officials (some of them, as I can’t vouch for the decision making of others) storming the weather helping their respective constituents and responding. Some even left their own houses which were also destroyed to prioritize others. Remember, The WHOLE OF CADIZ WAS HIT, no exemption, rich or poor, Government or Commercial, everybody is affected, even me as I write updates for all, I have to prepare food for the people close to me, households who have no means. So if you don’t have something to say to lift the spirits or be constructive, then keep it to your self.

I can see some taking advantage of the situation, several cases of looting, even in front of the owner of a truck, somebody attempted to pull-out the batteries. Desperation? Maybe not, as most good-natured