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Cadiz City Dinagsa 2013!!!

Dinagsa 2013

Dinagsa 2013

Cadiz City is Now Celebrating it’s 39th Dinagsa Festival this 2013.

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All our site Visitor’s from SPAIN, “bienvenida y disfrutar de nuestro sitio”. Some of you has asked us to send back postcards from our version of Cadiz here to your Cadiz there, please visit this site often and we will post more “Postcard Quality” Cadiz The Philippines Photo soon.

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SM Employment Information and Lucky 99

Currently SM is being constructed, we receive a lot of comments and emails regarding employment in SM. Rest assured we will post info once we receive them, currently we have information that the hiring is currently on hold.

As for the posts regarding applying in NOVO or Lucky 99, we will try to find information regarding work availability in the next few days. But we are not affiliated with any of these stores. Cadiz-City.com is here to provide you a Public Service. Thanks!

The SM SaveMore Cadiz

The SM HyperMarket Cadiz


Giving The Cadiz Way

I was scouring the world wide web for some interesting sites and social pages that are related to Cadiz so I can at least compile a few of them for the purpose of letting the Cadiznons know how connected we are to digital media. Well I found a few notable social communities and groups that I have added to my previous post.  During this time I also found a few websites that I linked to from this site before. I found this hidden gem of a site a few days back that caught my very short attention span.

Gift Giving The Cadiz Way!

One of my friends from overseas (a Cadiznon also) one day asked if there is a way for her to send out a gift to her little sisters birthday here to Cadiz safely. She did not trust couriers (aside from it being very expensive), and other online sites and services of the like especially if she doesn’t yet know how legit they are.

She asked for a favor from me if she can send the gift through me in form of online cash (considering I do a lot of transactions online and stuff), and just buy the stuff for her sister here locally. Id like to do that for a friend every so often, but how about others who don’t have someone like me to ask a favor from to do a simple request like this for them. That good friend of mine also quipped that she hoped there was a way to actually just send her little sister a gift that she personally bought than giving her cash or go through the hassle of Continue reading


Cadiz Goes Social Media!

Although we have been using the Social Capabilities of the Web to entice our fellow Cadiznons here at Cadiz-City.com long before they were known as Social Media, we have embraced it entirely. You will see countless groups, communities and endeavors that is all about Cadiz in these social media platforms.

See we have been using a Facebook box on the side of this site, we seldom update them inside FaceBook, but we do update this site whenever we can. So to fill and whet your appetite on all things Cadiz, I will compile a list of social groups and communities on this post. So do check this post regularly as it will grow pretty soon. If you administer one of this groups or communities about Cadiz, dont hesitate to give me a holler.

Cadiz Photographers Cluba community of photography enthusiast, currently growing in numbers so dont hesitate to jump in and join.

CadizMyCityMyHomea community that its main objective of is to form a dynamic group that urges Cadiznons to have that sense of belongingness and empowerment.

Cadiz City Information the official FB page of the City Information Office.

Create Rescuethe official FB page of the Create Rescue Team of Cadiz

more coming soon…

Gadgets For Sale

Shopping, Buy and Sell and Cadiz City online market has moved

Buy and Sell site Bacolod, Iloilo, Dumaguete, Cebu and the VisayasThanks for checking out the shopping section of Cadiz-city.com, we now have moved this section to a partner site which is dedicated solely for Shopping, Buy and Sell and Marketing in the Visayas. Registration is FREE at Cadiz-City.net, the Buy and Sell Portal for the Greater Visayas Area, Bacolod, Cebu, Dumaguete, Iloilo, San-Carlos, Leyte etc.


The Cadiz City Regional Ad

Cadiz-City.com subscribers, we apologize for the lack of update in this community site, our contributing writers have moved on to their respective careers outside of Cadiz thus we have not gathered enough news that will interest you.

In this light, we have moved on and invited a new set of contributors and if you have inputs as what you want featured in this site, visit the accompanying facebook page of Cadiz-City.com and leave your comments and like the comments that you would like featured first.


To leave you with the unique and latest in Cadiz City, we would like to share to you the regional Advertisement of Cadiz City for the other Cities events.


Cadiz Tourism Month a Success!

There were a bunch of good things happening for Cadiz for the month of September. It was officially announced as the tourism month, but prior to this according to sources, Cadiz was shortlisted on the Five LGU’s for Literacy in the 2010 Philippine National Literacy Awards. Then the results are in and I have the honor to make a Video presentation for the City which if there was more time would have been awesome. I only had four days to build it, but the result was satisfactory. It was reused for the night of the “Body Painting” Contest which is part of this news article.

Cadiz on the Final announcement in the Teachers Camp in Baguio, placed 3rd versus Five Finalists, Davao Taking the 1st Place giving them a Grand Slam for winning the said event three times in a row. But, Cadiz being new in contention couldn’t have wished a better result for the campaign. We bested so many cities in the whole Philippines and that’s an achievement in it self.

(More News and Photos After the Jump) Continue reading


Dr. Patrick Escalante and Hon. Samson Mirhan Proclaimed

Cadiz Seal

Cadiz Seal

Mayoralty candidate and previous Cadiz City Councilor Dr. Patrick Escalante brother of the previous Mayor Salvador “Bading” Escalante and re-electionist Vice Mayor Samson “Jongben” Mirhan were proclaimed at the session Hall last May 11, 2010 by Comelec Officer Atty. Revo Sorbito just one day after the conducted automated local and national elections. The winning Councilors were also proclaimed.

For the Mayor and Vice-Mayor:

Dr. Patrick Escalante got 30,317 vs. Atty. Edgardo Acuña who obtained 25,672 votes. Incumbent vice mayor Samson “Jongben” Mirhan won by 28,997 votes vs. Eduardo Varela’s 24,985 votes.

Councilors According to Rankings:

Re-electionist Dr. Lilia Decolongon who garnered 28,897 votes
Re-electionist Agustin Jesmar De Continue reading


Cadiz City Information

Mount_CanlaonCadiz City

Distance from Bacolod : 65.2 kilometers
Land Area: : 51,650.00 hectares
Classification: : 2nd Class
No. of Barangays : 22 Barangays
Population : 141,954 (May 1, 2000) – 150,158 (2005 Projection)
Language : Hiligaynon/Cebuano – English is spoken & understood


Cadiz traces its beginnings to the establishment of a traditional settlement in a place known as Cadiz Viejo, near the banks of Hitalon River.

Historical records showed that in 1861, the Spaniards Continue reading


Cadiznon’s at Pilipinas Got Talent

DefaultlogoWe have two of our so-called dancesport performers in Cadiz joining PGT or popularly known as Pilipinas Got Talent.

The two pairs are exceptional, except that judges didn’t share my sentiments, or that they feel the pairs would be better off joining international DanceSports Competitions.

However I am sad for the first pair of FRANCIS ROSE ESPINOSA & JAN REY ENCARGUEZ who introduced themselves as coming from Bacolod City. Maybe they thought Bacolod was a more popular “known” place in Negros Occidental rather than saying Cadiz City and have the judges again confuse our city with Capiz. (Which often happens). Anyway, the pair performed well, was just odd that they didn’t get to be included on the next round same as the next pair of ANGELA GRINO & JOHNDEL VILLENA. This pair however is very PROUD to be Cadiznon’s since they mentioned our City on the show.

You can see their performance video by clicking “Continue Reading”…

Continue reading