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SM Employment Information and Lucky 99

2 years ago

Currently SM is being constructed, we receive a lot of comments and emails regarding employment in SM. Rest assured we will post info once we receive them, currently we have information that the hiring is currently on hold. As for the posts regarding applying in NOVO or Lucky 99, we …See More

Cadiz Goes Social Media!

3 years ago

Although we have been using the Social Capabilities of the Web to entice our fellow Cadiznons here at Cadiz-City.com long before they were known as Social Media, we have embraced it entirely. You will see countless groups, communities and endeavors that is all about Cadiz in these social media platforms. …See More

Cadiz Tourism Month a Success!

4 years ago

There were a bunch of good things happening for Cadiz for the month of September. It was officially announced as the tourism month, but prior to this according to sources, Cadiz was shortlisted on the Five LGU’s for Literacy in the 2010 Philippine National Literacy Awards. Then the results are …See More

FaceBook Style Chat Area Added

4 years ago

Wondering about a horizontal bar at the bottom of the website which indicates “Chat”. This shows you how many users are available to chat with. Now start chatting and talk to your fellow Cadiznons!

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