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As the festive atmosphere of every City Fiesta in the Philippines, people get accustomed and excited with the arrival of either the local “Perya” (Fair), the quick sprouting of small stores, and the street peddlers who offer knick-knacks and other items that will serve as your souvenir of that said event.

Here in Cadiz, it is the same, but let us not forget that the whole point of “Dinagsa” is to honor, honoring Jesus, particularly baby Jesus, which we locally call the Señor Sto.Niño de Cadiz. We enjoy, we have fun, we drink; but let us not forget to do it honorably and not excessively.

The best of the People of Cadiz should be exemplified, to display discipline and being good hosts. A lot of tourist, visitors and guests visit us during the Dinagsa and accommodating them and providing them the best experience should be our concern. We also need to remind them that this is how we honor Jesus.

Dinagsa started as the Cadiz City Ati-atihan Festival, which showcases the pioneering Tribal Dance contest in the Philippines. This celebrates and showcases the introduction of Christianism in Cadiz, where the natives of Cadiz at that time, the Atis are pagan and worship figures and through the introduction of the Señor Sto.Niño de Cadiz as a symbol of the Baby Jesus, the celebration of the Tribal Dance and honoring Jesus started.

As a Culture, this belief of a figure which reminds us of the saints, the holy and mainly Jesus, is shown yearly in an area in Cadiz which is a form of honor from their owners. You can see the photos below showcasing the area along Villena St. where the “Santos” are shown.

Cadiz Dinagsa 2015 Opens with a Bang!

The 41st Dinagsa opens with a slew of events, but none notable than North Negros College powered “Electric Parade” wherein it is inspired mainly of showing lights and spectacles at night when the DINAGSA 2015 is declared by the City Mayor as “OPEN”.

NNC (North Negros College) prepared ensembles of students which represented fire goddesses, pixies and fairies all to be shown off as lights spectacle for the people of Cadiz. Droves of people lined the streets to witness the opening, and for the first time in Cadiz, have a Night Parade worth spending time with family. Not only did children enjoy, but as well as the Adults who were amazed by the available talents in Cadiz.

Enjoy the photoset below, courtesy of the Media Team of North Negros College.


Cadiz City 38th Dinagsa Festival

Quick Schedule:

January 22, 2012

9AM Airsoft Competition – Philippine Normal University Open Field

2PM Invitational Basketball Tournament – Cadiz City Covered Gym

January 23, 2012

7PM Cadiz Got Talent – Cadiz City Covered Gym

January 24, 2012

2PM Quizbee Contest (By: LasalTech)

6PM RMN HipHop Challenge – Cadiz City Covered Gym

January 25, 2012

8AM Employees Day

6PM DEP-ED Night

January 26, 2012

8AM Concelebrated Mass

2PM Fluvial Parade/Procession

7Pm Dinagsa Queen 2012 Talent Night

January 27, 2012

8AM Paralympiada (Whole Day)

1PM Tunog Tribu (By: SK FED.)

7PM Dinagsa Queen 2012 Pageant Night

9PM Street Party

January 28, 2012

8AM Shoot Fest

4PM Street Party w/DJ

January 29, 2012

8AM Street Parade

2PM Street Party w/DJ

4PM Awarding