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World Class Tarpaulin Designs: Delight Creatives Cadiz

GridBasedDesign2Cadiz is posing to become an economic hub in the Negros Island Region. Businesses are sprouting up, and one of these is the only Design Firm in Cadiz City that is ready to serve it’s populace.

Delight Creatives is a Cadiznon Owned and Cadiznon Operated Christian Business. Mainly, it is posed for design work, but it also so happens to have equipment to produce their designs in-house. Affordable yet World Class is what the firm is aiming for.

“Ang bakod nga design kag dekalidad nga produkto nga ma hatag mo sa kasimanwa mo, isa sa mga bugal nga ma hatag mo sa imo syudad kag sa pag himaya sa ngalan sang Guinoo” ~ quoted from their founder.

We asked Delight Creatives why start the firm in Cadiz. “Nasubuan ko nga ang Cadiznon damo may mga talento, may abilidad, damo mga artists, athletes kag mga abilidadan nga dapat aton guina pa uswag. Kag kun wala pilian ang taga Cadiz, maga pinagusto lang ang presyo sang produkto kun indi pag butangan sang de kalidad nga kompetinsya, kun sa diin gusto namon indi ma agrabyado ang Cadiznon.”

Delight Creatives is mainly a Design Firm first, Marketing Specialist Second, Photography Firm Third. It so happens they also produce their own work with Tarpaulin or Large Format Printing, Large Photos, Wallpapers, T-Shirts, Mugs, Caps, Stickers and all that you can think of having produced. They have been trusted by companies all over the Philippines, which is much to say about the Quality they produce.