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Dana’s Petshop the Story

I asked for the History of Dana’s Petshop here in Cadiz where I am a customer as well. I had them construct a pond and have bought a few fishes from them as well, the following interview was done with the owner Vincent Ybañez.

History of Dana’s Pet shop:

Back in June 6, 2006 Vincent Ybañez opened a small fish pet shop named MIJA FISH SHOP. He only sold 9 kinds of fishes which were carps, comets, gold fish, angel fish, janitor fish, fighting fish, hammerhead sharks, rainbow shark, and cichlids, which I may say is a small variety. It was really a small business that started from a hobby by Vincent. The small things he learned running a small pet shop helped him think of a bigger future. He continuously operates the small pet shop for 3 years. In 2009 there was a little problem that he encountered; He didn’t have someone to watch over his shop. In short he said “wala ko alalay”, since he went to college. That is why he decided to temporarily close his beloved pet shop.

In November of 2009, Vincent decided to open the pet shop business again with his then girlfriend now wife Catherine. They decided to start a medium scale Continue reading