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BASYANG is Leaving, now a Tropical Depression


As we updated recently, Tropical Cyclone Basyang is just now a Tropical Depression and is slowly leaving the Philippines area of responsibility.

Negros Occidental is still at Signal #1 and some damages were experienced especially on the Coastal Areas. Some have not yet recovered from Yolanda, and Basyang decided to do some more misery to our fellow Cadiznons.

At Around 12MN, Cadiz City experienced some intermittent power outages and then followed by a longer outage between 1AM to almost 5AM due to the pick-up of winds which was howling and was already strong at that time. Some power interruptions followed normalizing at around 9AM as tested on our power monitoring equipment. As of now at 1144AM, we experienced another blackout lasting up to 12:06NN.

Today, weather outside is gloomy, although some rays of sunshine is seen. Some social media posts shows photos of damages in Cadiz, and more thanking our dear Lord for a lesser impact than Yolanda, as psychologically, Cadiznons has not gotten over yet the fear of another Yolanda Looming on us when we have not yet totally recovered.

The Good News is that Cadiznons are still in high spirits today, discussing the weather and doing their daily routines. We can now sleep easy tonight knowing that the weather disturbance caused by Basyang is slowly dissipating.


TC BASYANG: Signal #2 as of 2PM


We have updated earlier that Cadiz City is now at Signal Number 1. Now Negros Occidental as of 2PM is now at Signal #2. Please be aware as the wind from the Tropical Cyclone has increased. It is announced that BASYANG will not turn into a typhoon rather maintain as a Tropical Cyclone, it will pass quickly due to it’s speed.

All Travel Boats from Iloilo to Bacolod and Vice-Versa are not allowed to ship out. Fishing boats are warned not to venture into the sea, and all coastal residences be wary of the conditions and evacuate as soon as local officials announces evacuations.


TC Basyang: Cadiz City in Signal #1


Just before we send out our thanks to those who Joined and Participated with us on the 40th DINAGSA Festival in Cadiz City, let us post this 36 hour warning for Tropical Cyclone BASYANG. Fresh from the effects of two recent Weather Disturbance in Cadiz, especially the effects of Yolanda, an early warning for these kinds of event should be inserted first.

Please be advised that this 36 hours forecast will cover the Signal #1 for the whole Negros Occidental Region, and effects will be felt in the next 36 hours. Let us pray that it never jumps a signal higher, or Basyang Dissolved before it makes landfall.


40th DINAGSA Festival, Dagsa Dalagan a Day Before!

Thank you for the overwhelming support you guys shown us for our Fund-Raising Event, Dagsa Dalagan, Fun Run Para Sa Kabataan. Proceeds will benefit the Children and Day Cares of Cadiz, particularly right now for Brgy. Daga and Canaan. We already delivered to Lakawon and Daga Initially, and we plan to raise more funds to help this cause of BANGON CADIZNON this is through one of our Project: iCARE for DAY CARES.

Here is tomorrows route for the FUN RUN!!! Please be advised!



Cadiz is now having a festive atmosphere before the Fun Run and the opening of Dinagsa and Lamhitanay. Please enjoy a few of our Photos we took just now of what’s happening in Cadiz below, which we will add to soon!!!

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DAGSA DALAGAN: Fun Run Para Sa Kabataan 2014


BANGON CADIZNON, the Group and Organization formed from this site from it’s humble beginnings which started during the Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan has now reached over 5000 Families, and though we have a Lull of Updates, we continued to give Gifts in December through our Generous Donors, Partners and Sponsors.

Our Advocacy was and is to help the people of Cadiz Affected by Yolanda by distributing relief goods, materials and items that would help them move on from the calamity. In Late December, considering the outpouring of help for Cadiz, we decided to stop the Relief Operations and Moved to Gift-Giving.

Since the Founder of BANGON CADIZNON is also a part of the Philippine Normal University Batch 98 or known as “Nubentay Otso”, it is their Creed every Christmas of every year to do some gift-giving to the Children of Cadiz. This has also influenced several other batches from PNU, specifically Batch ’85 who has been generous to the call of BANGON CADIZNON and we now collectively give our thanks, since all other Batches also supported, the PNU/PNC LHS/CTL Alumni Association through the Alumni president, Mrs. Emily Florida Esimos who is also the BANGON CADIZNON Government to NGO; NGO to Government Liaison. Thus the advocacy of BANGON CADIZNON has now moved to this as well. This is when Project: iCARE for DAYCARE Started.

This Project: iCARE for DAYCARE is a project presented to us by Miss Gail Inaldo which aims to specifically help the Day Care Centers in Cadiz and the initial Beneficiaries are Lakawon Island in Cadiz Viejo and Purok Kakahuyan in Barangay Daga Day Care Centers. Now we have added to the list the Canaan Day Care which is in a most dire situation, thus the event that we are starting to raise funds for these day cares is called DAGSA DALAGAN, Fun Run Para Sa Kabataan 2014.

DAGSA DALAGAN will have a set of Drum Beaters, Zumba Fest, and the Cadiz Best in Tourism Event: “LAMHITANAY”. It is now scheduled on January 25, 2014 a Saturday starting at 5A.M. at the Cadiz City Hall with a Registration Cost of only 20 Pesos! That’s Right 20 Pesos to Help and Run for the Children of Cadiz!

Registrations is Available Starting Monday at North Negros College Main Campus, CafeRIZZ and SYS Accessories and General Merchandise.

The Run will start at the City Hall and End at Philippine Normal University where we will have a Thanks-Giving Mass and then the other Fun Events and Lamhitanay!

To Learn More about Bangon Cadiznon and their Advocacy Project: iCARE for DAYCARE, please visit their pages at:


Project: iCARE for DAYCARE Page


We have turned-over Chairs and Tables, School Supplies and Goods to the Children of Lakawon, Daga and we have Acted up support for Project: iCARE for DAYCARE with the “Light Up A Life” PNU Alumni Homecoming event which also benefited the Children of Cadiz with School Supplies, Toys, Medicine Kits, Candies and Food. Plus Fun and Games and Instilling in the Youth the Guiding Principle of BANGON CADIZNON which is, “In Everything We Do, It is All for The Greater Glory of God!!!”


The Outpouring of Help: Cadiznons Thank You All So Much!

As you may have known, this site and the Organization formed from it named BANGON CADIZNON has been enticing all supporters to use the hashtags, #bangoncadiznon and #helpcadiz. Thus indirectly, you are helping on the mission of asking help for our fellow Cadiznons Benefit and thus the Outpouring of help for Cadiz.

In the Government front, there have been visits from the pledges of the United Nations, a Lot of Medical Missions from several medical and care societies. Programs from the Red Cross, and even a Visit from Miss Korina Sanchez, who’s advocacy for “Walang Batang Naka Paa sa Pilipinas” has reached the shores of Tiglawigan which is one of the hardest hit area in Cadiz.

In Behalf of all Cadiznons, we at this site and at BANGON CADIZNON, Thank You All So Much for your Help. We hope to have a Partner in our Rebuilding, as relief operations is more than enough already and the help has been so overwhelming.


We are still going out on missions everyday, thanks to our Donors and Supporters, and as Promised, we will always post our Documentary on this site and it’s accompanying stories.

To Recap; Our Wave 1 Missions 1 -8 has finished and for the Islands Mission Wave 2 Mission 1 was so successful that we are not going back once, but we are going back three times, this time to support the initial mission we have of Relief for the Residents, the Second Support of our Partners at PNU/PNC LHS CTL Alumni for the School Supplies of Kids, we will be going back again for the Partnership again of giving Chairs and Tables plus feeding for the Children still with the same partners at PNU/PNC LHS CTL Alumni in cooperation with us BANGON CADIZNON and with our new partner the iCARE for DAYCARE project of Miss Frances Gail Florida Inaldo. They have chosen to work with BANGON CADIZNON who has now through the Grace of God and the good hearts of our Donors and Supporters now has reached more than 3,733 Families in Cadiz (and some not in Cadiz but near Islands).

Wave Mission 2Thanks FIN

For our Wave 2 Mission 2 Missions, we revisited the Coastal Areas this time in cooperation with the Colegio de Sta Ana De Victorias and in part by the Parkland Filipino Association and an Anonymous Donor we have successfully completed Continue reading


Supporters & Partners: Their Stories of Determination

As all of you may have noticed now, all our News in some way are mixed with the movement of the newly formed Group that Caters to the Needs of the Common Cadiznon, the BANGON CADIZNON Group. And as a multi-organizational group, we have a few of our supporters and donors who also coordinate with us, work with us and also are actually one of us. Our Group is not concerned with names, or who brought what and where, as long as those that are targeted by the group are those who need it most. We have a lot of missions that had happened, and a lot of stories of Miracles, Determination, Sympathy and Love. This one Story is specially forwarded to us by one of our Partners from Philippine Normal University LHS/CTL Alumni, through Miss Jabez Oberes.

The Story of a Fruitful Inconvenience

Someone once wrote that kindness, love and goodness to children are the only investments that never fail. It is on that same premise that the PNULHS/CTL alumni decided to touch the lives of the young school children in Lakawon Island.

On December 2, 2013, we headed to the island to distribute the school supplies we packed for the kids. Along with the school teachers, we loaded the boxes on the pump boat and proceeded to the island. The weather that day was not too friendly as the waves were bigger than what we were used to (at least for me). But thankfully, we made it to the island safe and more importantly, our boxes still dry.

Mr. Eric Geronga, the school principal, together with his team of 7 teachers was gracious enough to make sure that we will have a smooth operation. We distributed the supplies by class and were able to give 200 plastic envelopes with pencils, pens, notebooks, pad papers, crayons and an English dictionary. The kids also enjoyed a refreshment of cupcakes and juice.

Taking a short tour of the island, our hearts broke at the sight of the houses that were ravaged by the typhoon. Houses were down, walls were off, trees were stacked on top of each other that reminded me of the ‘pick-up-sticks’ that we used to play with as children. But somehow, the glow in the peoples ’eyes does not suggest desperation. Maybe they are used to typhoon aftermaths. Or maybe, they hold a hope that defies the curses of nature.

If I may, I would like to personally thank the teachers assigned in Lakawon Elementary School. They sacrifice convenience and comfort because of their commitment. To lift up the spirits of these children is no easy task. But, from what I saw, they welled-up with joy that it has become contagious. The teachers are happy and so, the children are the same. Kudos!

This experience is life changing not only Continue reading


3450 Plus Families Served by This Sites Donors


As you may know, we are a Non-Government website who has already a track record of 10-Years in the business of updating news and views for the people of Cadiz, Here and Abroad.

Did you know that this Site is the only news agency within Cadiz during the Typhoon Yolanda that is posting out news, updates and information including receiving our Readers Private Messages of Numbers of their Loved ones that we contacted for them so that their fears will be appeased? We are updating even as the Typhoon is in progress and we have been helping appease families from abroad to assure them their loved ones are safe. This in turn has lead to these same people to ask us to start the cause of BANGON CADIZNON for the purpose of serving our fellow Cadiznons!

The Cadiz Government has their own news outfit and series of sites that has only been steadily updating after the calamity to spread out and gather donors and help, so feel free to check them out too. We are posting this FYI as there are rumors of this site being a “Politically Motivated” outfit and that the likes on our Facebook Page is low which is to those who understand the difference between a facebook page and a facebook profile know, is not the basis of the Traffic we get on this site that is asking for updates from us. Oh and Finally, creating a Profile Page to represent your site would have more likes than Creating a Facebook Page which is the proper way to use Facebook. You cannot create a profile of an outfit if you are not a person.

We are posting this to let you know that we are here to fully serve our fellow Cadiznons even if we hear negative feedback about us!

On The Cadiz City News

Help is still pouring in in Cadiz, and recently the United Nations visited Cadiz to asses damages. That was Yesterday, December 2, 2013. Several other groups are still sending out relief efforts in Cadiz, but more so are reconstructions and rebuilding efforts.

We have also received news that The Government has been giving back Fishing Boats for the Small Fishermen of Cadiz to replace the Boats that got Totally Damaged when Yolanda hit the Coastal Barangays the Hardest.

In terms of utilities and other general operations in Cadiz like Banks, Restaurants and service sectors, they are all now operational and students are going back to school and the lives of the people are somewhat back to normal.

On to The Rumors and Hearsay

Long before the Survivors of Yolanda/Haiyan from Cadiz who were working in Tacloban returned back in Cadiz, some news agencies already sent out news that in-mates and prisoners from Tacloban, including the Continue reading


2 -Weeks After the STORM: Cadiznons Reconstructing.

We have a lull in making news in this site, as we are all busy running the BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group Missions. 2 Weeks After, our volunteers, members and yours truly got sick, mostly a combination of flu, muscle aches and stomach aches. This is the story of our Volunteers and what’s up now in Cadiz.

On The Cadiz City News

Power is back up on almost 80% of residences and establishments in the City Proper, water is steadily available, and common basic goods are back in supply. People are busy with reconstruction, and at this time, my plan of starting up a Cadiz Chamber of Commerce would have been great at controlling the prices. We expect the DTI and BIR to do an investigation on the shops in Cadiz soon, especially hardware, construction and even the Bamboo and Nipa shops in the City Public Market. This is because there is no stringent price control, and prices of building materials has increased by almost two folds.

There are rumors that DINAGSA, the City Fiesta of Cadiz on January will be postponed and a simple Mass would be given that day. Some argue it’s because the fund for Dinagsa has been used as a Calamity fund, and on the other side; it is simply because they mentioned it is not appropriate to hold a fiesta when the sadness of Typhoon Yolanda is still on the midst. A Form of sympathy perhaps to the other Cities? To Our City?

Personally, DINAGSA is all about celebrating and honoring the Patron Saint of Cadiz City which is the Sto. Niño de Cadiz. Celebrating the people, and thanks giving! We are giving thanks that we have been spared as Cadiznons, and only property damage and not lives were taken. I say, Let DINAGSA Happen!

On Our Volunteers and Heroes

We can’t argue that there are still heroes among us. Our Volunteers before we started the BANGON CADIZNON Task Force, has been storming the weather and going house-to-house to help in the rescue efforts. Not Only that, the CREATE-RESCUE Team has also been doing the same.

This is My Personal KUDOS To My Team, My Friends and My Family at BANGON CADIZNON!!!

After the Storm, these same people also volunteered their time in the relief efforts and here at BANGON CADIZNON. Then two weeks later, most of our volunteers got sick. Late Nights with no descent light, eating without seeing much what you put in your mouth, the smell of Gas Lamps burning, the perennial “Biro Sa Ilong” all contribute to what our Volunteers had to endure.

Wake up early to distribute goods, we don’t worry about the system, we worry about logistics. We are Continue reading


BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group Mission Successful!


*Article Updated with Donors that we Forgot to Mention(Apologies, Lack of Sleep is the Culprit) and some Credit Name Corrections.

Madamo Guid nga Salamat means Thank You Very Much from the people of Cadiz. As you all know, This Site has decided to work with several organizations so that Help for Relief Operation for Victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in Cadiz City will go directly to the people without delay. Our Group is Called, BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group and here is our Donors Page.

We have started gathering donations since Wednesday Last week and Have now delivered to almost 2000 Families, Fully Saturating the Needs of at least 2 Barangays, Half of one Barangay where half of that Barangays Population already Received half from other organizations and we decided to supplement to fully cover those that were affected. We have 5 more Special Operations consisting of almost 50 Packs each to be Initiated these coming few days. Bulk Operations has ceased since our Resources are slowly depleting. Special Ops are Limited packs only delivered to Puroks with Small Density Population to saturate the needy of those areas.

We are Now Raising Funds for our Missions to Lakawon and Bantayan if Donations Permit and we can cover the 1600 Packs needed for both Islands. Special packs are also needed since Water is a scarcity on those areas.

On The Cadiz NEWS:

Power is Back Up on 30% of the City Proper and Commercial Districts and repairs are on-going quicker than expected only a week now when Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit Cadiz City. We appreciate VRESCO for doing such an exemplary job. People are still complaining why they don’t have power yet on their homes, but think about the earlier prediction of 1 to 2 Months now turns out to be 1 – 2 weeks for the City Area and a month for almost everywhere else.

Water is Back 100% in all areas reached by the Cadiz Water District, we commend them for having water back up and running only 2 days after the Typhoon although on and off at times, but the past 4 days it has been consistently providing Cadiznons with the needed water for bath, cleaning and at least bring back some normalcy to the daily lives of the people of Cadiz.

Relief Operations are still on-going and several organizations are still delivering good to All Locations, we however here at BANGON CADIZNON: Special Operations Group give a special shout out to the people who organized with us and send their Donations for the several Missions we have the past 2-Days (details above). Namely:

  1. Team MERCI who also went to Sagay
  2. Team Trinity Christian School Elementary Badminton Team for the Special Operations for the Badminton Team of Cadiz and Family
  3. SK Federation
  4. The San Agustin College of Nursing who has also Special Packages for Children
  5. Philippine Normal University LHS Alumni Batch 98, 2000 and 2002
  6. Convention Baptist Bible College of Bacolod
  7. Google Ambassadors Through Miss Kate Orcena and her Family

And to the other Pledgers and Individual Donors we already thanked on our Facebook Page. We Thank You Guys!

Special Shout Out Given to our Donors from Overseas, PermasteelisaGartner Qatar Family and Anabeeb Qatar for your donations allowed us to make all the Relief Packs Equal and Mainly Provide Abundant Rice for the packs as well as feed our Volunteers for our Day and Night Operations. As you know, our Volunteers are from Cadiz and they themselves and their families are victims too!

At this time, we might have forgotten to Give Thanks to Some of You, but please do remind us on our Facebook page since we might get Continue reading