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PureGold and Robinsons SuperMarket

There are nice intriguing comments exchange going on at one of our Posts and comments area here at the Cadiz-City.com. This is regarding to a new rumor circulating after we mentioned the rumors of SM and Gaisano. Confirmed so far is that SM will have an SM HyperMarket that will be put up in Cadiz.

Here is a screen-cap of the exchange. Our Guests I assume are marketing people studying Cadiz for prospective businesses, correct me if I’m wrong.

Cadiz-City.com Comments

Now the rumor mill is again buzzing with news of a PureGold in Cadiz. And also an interest of Robinsons to Start at Robinsons SuperMarket as well. We cannot confirm it at this time, but considering Cadiz City is one of the very first Cities in Negros and located at a very strategic location, I hope investors will find Cadiz City a good place to do business with while not stifling the Small businesses in Cadiz but alternatively supporting it.

Cadiz PureGold

Robinsons Cadiz