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SM Hypermarket Near Completion and Job Information

I know some of you are waiting for information regarding the SM hypermarket. Well it is almost completed judging by the latest photo here:

Cadiz SM Savemore

Cadiz SM Savemore

More Photos From Here.

Photo Thread was shared through one of our previous posts about SM hypermarket comments area.

As for Job Opening, we heard recently that the SM HyperMarket Hiring is Back Up. Currently the procedure they gave us is for Applicants to visit the nearest DOLE Office to apply. Once we receive a more specific Information, then we will post an update in this same thread.

*update 1: Hiring is on going at DOLE Office, interviews are scheduled from Mondays to Fridays.

*update 2: JobFair Today (Sept. 27, 2012) at City Plaza successful. First Batch on process.


Giving The Cadiz Way

I was scouring the world wide web for some interesting sites and social pages that are related to Cadiz so I can at least compile a few of them for the purpose of letting the Cadiznons know how connected we are to digital media. Well I found a few notable social communities and groups that I have added to my previous post.  During this time I also found a few websites that I linked to from this site before. I found this hidden gem of a site a few days back that caught my very short attention span.

Gift Giving The Cadiz Way!

One of my friends from overseas (a Cadiznon also) one day asked if there is a way for her to send out a gift to her little sisters birthday here to Cadiz safely. She did not trust couriers (aside from it being very expensive), and other online sites and services of the like especially if she doesn’t yet know how legit they are.

She asked for a favor from me if she can send the gift through me in form of online cash (considering I do a lot of transactions online and stuff), and just buy the stuff for her sister here locally. Id like to do that for a friend every so often, but how about others who don’t have someone like me to ask a favor from to do a simple request like this for them. That good friend of mine also quipped that she hoped there was a way to actually just send her little sister a gift that she personally bought than giving her cash or go through the hassle of Continue reading


SM Cadiz is a HyperMarket

Due to the recent comment on Cadiz-City.com of our guest commenter Sir Mai Escalante, we performed more research regarding the proposed SM Mall in cadiz which we earlier announced as “rumors” of an SM Savemore.

We learned from Mr. Escalante that it is SM Hypermart, which is the sweet and short SM Hypermarket Chain of SM Supermalls. It is larger than SM Savemore as mentioned and researching the general size of this mall, it falls in between the size of an SM City and an SM Savemore.

The SM SaveMore Cadiz

The SM HyperMarket Cadiz

Lucky 99

The Lucky 99 Store

Lucky 99

Lucky 99

There are a bunch of stores suddenly popping up in Cadiz City. First we have a slew of the old reliable stores, then the invasion of the Korean Owned stores popped up.

Now there is a new store I heard is owned by a Cadiznon. The name of the store is Lucky 99. Ther is a new store also of the same type here called the Novo Store, and there is another one called Hanson. This post however is more aimed at the Lucky 99 store.

The catch is that most of their item prices are either priced at 99 Pesos, (roughly 2USD) and some other items containing the number 99 in them like 199 Pants and 29.99 table ware. The store official color I assume is Yellow, as the sales ladies uniform are in yellow and so is the general theme of the store, wall paint, racks and tags are all in yellow.

Continue reading