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Where to get Dried Fish in Cadiz


Where to get Dried Fish

Imagine the mummies of Egypt? The Uga (Dried Fish) is a result of Cadiznon’s trying to preserve their catch from the sea. Many businessmen from Cadiz got rich because of the humble fish caught in Cadiz. To preserve them for a much longer time, old Cadiznon’s tried to use the salt and sun to dry up and preserve the fish. In it’s later versions, it was already sold also in other preservation methods like “Fish Tocino” and Sardines.


Tourists Buy Dried Fish

A common “Pasalubong” when you go to Cadiz, you can get the “Uga” and other fish produce at where locals call as “Punta”, it is actually Punta Cabahug Street, Barangay Zone 6. You can just ask the Tricycle driver to drive you to “Punta” to get some “Uga” that’s how easy it is to get them. Just make sure you haggle for prices as there are plenty of stalls there selling the same or similar products.