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No Zagu? No Problem, Get BlackPearl!

A friend of mine recommended a place where I can get some good Pearl Shake. Pearl Shakes are actually basic shakes with little black pearls that you can sip through a very large straw. It was popularized here in the Philippines by Zagu who In my opinion has the best Pearl Shake so far. Since I am a fan of the said Pearl Shake, I was happy that Dinagsa was looming around and standees of Zagu are available. Sadly, only during special events like Dinagsa and the Cadiz Charter Day is Zagu available.

So one day, a friend suggested an alternative place that has a nice Pearl Shake all-year-round in Cadiz. I usually like to go to places to chow after a long day of work, so I decided to Check it out. I discovered this place along Magsaysay Street (correct me if Im wrong, will have full details soon). I later learned that the owner of the joint is also a good friend of mine who not only provides a couple of Pearl Shake Flavors, but some fries as well. I haven’t really checked the whole menu since I immediately jumped to the Pearl Shakes Section.

Black Pearl – Pearl Shakes and More!

The Name of the Place is Black Pearl assuming that they coined it from the famous Pirates of the Caribbean Movie made popular by Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Anyway, the place doesn’t resemble a pirate ship or anything along that theme, but rather a nice, clean and cozy place with a colorful theme. The name I then assumed is due to the black little pearls I sip through on the Pearl Shake, hence “Black Pearl”.

I asked the owner to send me a few details as to history, inspiration and other details to this nice Pearl Shake Place where Zagu’s flavor is almost identical to theirs(Which I really liked). The servings are flavorful and an order of two crisscut french fries (cheese and sour cream) and Two Large Pearl Shakes are delivered under 10 minutes. (Maybe more if there is a long queue).

I recommend the Black Forest Pearl Shake and Choco Fudge which are my absolute favorites. And Hey, if you drop by at their place, let them know you learned it from this site, so we can get more word around and share the things we like at Cadiz through Cadiz-City.com!

The Pearl Shake Menu

The Fries!